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2021-12-21 07:42:42

Custom Rigid Boxes

When we talk about luxury and maximum strength in packaging, the answer will be rigid boxes. These boxes are one of the most famous packaging options for presenting or gifting certain products. Also called “premium packaging,” it actually gives all the premium feels.

The credit goes to its ability to offer support, add weight and provide a touch of extravagance to the product. It is also a comparatively bit expensive but worth the money. Consider it a long-term investment as it will create a great impression on the buyers, making them come back for more and more products.

Rigid packaging boxes are manufactured with a durable paper of exceptionally high-thickness chipboard as much as 3mm. And, then it is wrapped in festive paper to add beauty. The addition of the quality finessed exterior paper brings decency and class. You can also call them set-up boxes or gift boxes. Typically, they are used for:

  • Board Games

  • Luxury products (jewelry, IT accessories, etc.)

  • Gifts for someone special

Enjoy the Luxury of Rigid Boxes with OXO Packaging

We are here to ensure an unforgettable unboxing experience that will open new prospects of establishing a long-lasting brand narrative! Despite being a pricey portion, with OXO Packaging, the expense will not be a problem anymore. You will be amazed by the quality you can get at affordable rates by ordering your rigid boxes from us.

We use decorative specialty paper or the final touch to ensure the maximum quality and style for displaying your products.

  • You think, We design!

We make them in all sizes and designs. Order yours in the sleeve, tuck-end, pillow, or any other box style. To keep your product securely in place, you can go with inserts made of any material. Usually, foam inserts are best liked.

  • Allowing Companies to Customize Boxes to Their Liking

We offer versatile customization options in printing, designing, sizing, and finishing for personalized rigid boxes that support style, sophistication, and faster branding. You can choose to go with hot stamping or simple yet eye-catching foiling in either silver or gold.

There are multiple options of laminations where you can be bold with glossy or subtle with matte covering.

Apart from the coating, the use of embossing/debossing also plays a vital role. Besides, you can go through loads of embellishments that are decorative elements. You can have them tied up with a cute satin ribbon or an appropriately sized window patch at the front of the lid—a perfect fashionable way to give your buyer a glimpse of the product.

Why Can They not Be Used For Large And Too Hefty Products?

We appreciate keeping your box fit to the size of the product. But, considering all aspects, Custom Rigid Boxes seem great for small or medium boxes as they stay extremely solid. On the contrary, they might feel surprisingly less resilient when designed in large or extra-large sizes.

They will get prone to faster wear and tear, letting the edges ripped. It usually happens because of the increased weight of the product imposed on the outer layer that is a delicate wrapping paper. 

That’s why it is recommended to utilize a thicker paper that also has a laminated finish. It overall enhances the durability of larger rigid packaging boxes.

Popularly Used Types of Rigid Packaging

There are usually two types:

  • Partial Finish

As the name reflects, it comes partially or incompletely finessed. Basically, it has finished outside wrapping, covering only the inner edges. But, it leaves the rigid chipboard inside bare, unfinished, and visible.

Usually crafted with one-piece chipboard, it comes with pierced crease lines giving directions for easy folding. When it is folded without using any extra exterior layer, it leaves the Kraft chipboard material unprotected. It has a faster production rate, and lesser material is used, making it a time- and money-saving option.

  • Full Finish

In this type, the box is finished as a whole, leaving no chipboard exposed or unfinished. The box is wrapped entirely. It uses thicker chipboard, and the inner chipboard tends to be separated into pieces. You can have them laminated in numerous finishing options. This additional layer of wrapping can be white or custom printed.

Best Rigid Box Styles to Opt For Ultimate Uniqueness 

  • Tube Packaging (rolled-edge tube)

  • Magnetic closures

  • Telescopic 

  • Drawer Style 

  • Book Style 

  • Shoulder Neck 

Order You Batch to Have Trendsetting Luxury Boxes

We have a skilled team of designers and competent printers devoted to crafting premium quality, and top-notch stylish luxury Custom Printed Boxes Wholesale. We work with care, paying attention to even the tiniest details to maintain accuracy. It’s time to have an extraordinary and interactive experience with your customers by delivering our products in appealing custom boxes.