Stunning Candle Boxes For Everlasting Impression

2021-12-16 12:45:08

Candle Boxes

For boosting your business value and expanding your business reach, you need something extraordinary, and you can have that element of “extraordinary” with eye-catching and engaging custom boxes. But when it comes to candle packaging, you will surely get confused with all the choices.

You must look for the most effective strategy to design your outstanding candle boxes.

You can create a masterpiece by setting your sights high and demanding much more from your personalized packaging. Premium packaging with all the right elements of design and customization would create the unboxing experience memorable for your buyer. 

Choose a Candle Box Providing Enough Protection

Will you ever appreciate the brand or give good reviews if you receive your candle damaged or broken? Absolutely no!

It is time when you feel the need to choose a protective packaging that will keep your candles secure, intact, and away from outside damages that basically includes moisture, impact shocks, sun exposure, dust, fires, etc. You need to put your effort into making your candle display boxes robust without sacrificing quality, style, and design.

Your awesome candle needs protection to ensure that your customers receive the item without harm and urge them to come for more and more.

  • Opt For the Finest Quality Material

You are welcome to pick multiple materials for your uniquely custom-printed boxes but never think about compromising on quality. Selecting a top-quality material for candle packaging is a critical job. Because sub-par materials might break down your box, failing to offer protection.

With the use of sturdy material, your box will be able to withstand external damages and will easily manage the weight of the candles.

The most popular choice is Cardstock which is hard-wearing and thick. In the same way, corrugated material is a good option being one of the toughest materials. It doesn’t wear and tears speedily, making it suitable for shipping. You also have the choice of custom Kraft candle boxes.

They serve multiple purposes of providing safety, saving your money, and helping you keep the planet clean as they are eco-friendly.

OXO Packaging has everything you need for a long-lasting Custom Candle Boxes Wholesale. We can help you choose the most suitable material. Our services are available for every customer to let them create irresistibly captivating packaging.

Keep Your Presentation Exceptional for Candle Packaging Wholesale 

When it comes to presentation, several factors kick in. First of all, it is the box style and design. The box style can be mailer, sleeve, gable, pillow, tuck-end, etc. They must be easy to use and carry. Along with style comes the shape and size that can vary as per the item.

You can go with sleek tube boxes or expansive rectangular boxes. You can choose circular for round candles. OXO Packaging deals in all shapes and sizes. While choosing candle boxes, keep the customizing options in mind.

People love fascinating packages, so make yours fascinating with add-ons such as:

  • Unique laminations: glossy or matte

  • Spot UV

  • Foiling in silver or golden 

  • Hot stamping

  • Embossing or ink raise

  • Metal accents

Picking an appropriate coating will significantly enrich the box outlook. But if you fail to choose the right color scheme, these efforts won’t be worth it. Pick colors compatible with size, style, graphics, logo, and designs. Preference is always the vibrant colors. A great way to attract!

Make use of outstanding add-ons that act as decorations, taking your basic customizations to the next level. The most common and recommended practice is to infuse die-cutting and PVC windows. A fashionable way of letting buyers see what you are offering to Custom Packaging Boxes with Logo.

A combination of embossing or debossing different taglines, logos, products, and company names looks elegant on Candle Boxes. Or, embossing your logo along with a foiled name sounds dreamy!

Look Out For the Total Cost Of Candle Display Boxes

The trickiest aspect of budgeting has always been a problem. Remember, every dollar counts! Reflect on what your packing is going to do for your company for each dollar you are spending on it. What exactly are you getting in the return? A few questions to consider: 

  • Do you prefer designing a luxurious or economical box for a candle?

  • Are you using sustainable materials?

  • What have you thought about shipping the number of candles?

 With OXO Packaging, you can create a Candle Packaging Wholesale with a remarkable branded look to keep your product wrapped elegantly and protected! With a wide material choice, you are welcome to customize the box in your product’s dimensions and style. We are your reliable companion delivering you the package you want exactly the way you want.