What Does Right Custom Packaging Mean to Customers

 2022-01-03 12:03:56

Custom Cigarette Packaging

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word cigarette? An expression of consumer culture that adds an X factor to your personality. People, men, in particular, are attracted to smoking because they want to associate themselves with the class they watch on TV. A godfather character is made incomplete without a cigar and his viewers would consider their personalities incomplete without cigars. With the rising smoking and vaping culture, consumers are also far more conscious of the elegance and quality of Custom Boxes in which their beloved products are displayed.

Customers are willing to spend hundreds of dollars a week on getting high-quality smoking but at the same time, they don’t want products to be displayed in dull packaging with zero utilization of customization tools. Due to these factors, the packaging industry needs to upgrade its user perception model by allowing customization of cigarette boxes to lure customers with 100% satisfaction.

Importance of Custom Boxes

Among men, few things have become more than a status symbol. Owing the high-quality product will bring confidence within you that definitely would be a major source of appreciation from your peers. Besides your business card, the quality of your cigarette boxes is also largely noticed. Due to this men tend to appreciate Custom Packaging Boxes with high-quality personalized designs, printing, and logos. They want the brand to incorporate the logo at the center so that their peers can know about their smoking taste.

If you are spending $100 on an expensive cigarette and the packaging is insufficient enough to distinguish it from local cigarettes, it would be of no use. Due to the status symbol given to cigarettes, men are more inclined to look for customized packaging to increase the outreach of their personalities.

Customised Boxes for Effective Branding   

Now that we have discussed how important qualitative cigarette packaging is to a customer, then why not use this as your branding weapon? 

Through effective and eye-catching customization, you can expand the outreach of your product since it is the primary thing that customers tend to observe first.

  • Make cigarette boxes with the logo that help customers to recognize your product at first glance.

  • Choose sturdy and pressure-resistant packaging materials such as Kraft and cardstock to maximize the protection of sensitive cigarettes.

  • Be minimalistic with colors. Don’t add plenty of them but focus more on rigid manly colors.

  • Allow customization for customers. If they take part in customization then definitely they will become your returning buyers.

The Core Packaging Material

After customization and its importance, it is crucial to discuss the role of tough, reliable packaging material in the cigarette industry. Since cigarettes are sensitive products mainly to moisture and pressure, the packaging material needs to be hard enough to withstand external pressures. A tiny amount of pressure while shipment can ruin the cigarette, so do the liquids. The best cigarette packaging materials to overcome these hurdles are Kraft and cardstock.

These materials come in corrugated thick layers that serve as perfect protective layers to the enclosed product and the remaining strength is provided by gloss and matte lamination. Contrary to popular opinion, paper bags may be quite durable. Kraft paper is designed specifically for high-strength packing. It has a high level of mechanical strength due to its long and strong virgin fibers. The use of adhesive and the skillful design of the handles contribute to the bag's strength and endurance.

Visually Aesthetic and Appealing Packaging

Many packaging companies employ cigarette boxes, and they have to provide a classy image to their consumers. You will eventually be able to rule over consumers' hearts if you create a respectable and enticing product. By using Packaging Boxes, you can add style and make commendable packaging. It is common knowledge that the more attractive a cigarette packaging is, the more people will be aware of your distinctive cigarette product.

So always create a packing style that every consumer adores. Product presentation is a method of assisting buyers in their packaging decision. So, to maximize the value of your goods, always attempt to use good wholesale custom packaging. To achieve success, be innovative and develop appealing cigarette cartons.

What’s so Special About OXO Packaging?

Globally, OXO Packaging is a leading name in manufacturing one of the finest Custom Cigarette Boxes. The factor that distinguishes OXO Packaging from other packaging firms is that our products are highly cost-effective because the raw material in itself is easily accessible. 

Similarly, we provide plenty of size options when it comes to choosing the right size for your product.

  • Five-panel hanger 123 boxes with windows to perfectly give customers a sneak peek of the cigarette.

  • Boxes with seal end, sleeve, reverse, and tuck end to size adjustments.

  • You can also choose seal end auto boxes or lock cap auto boxes for cigarette display.

  • Five-panel auto hanger boxes are also available to help display your product aesthetically.

Our Commitment to Environment 

OXO Packaging is a strong commitment to environmental improvements during and after the manufacturing processes. We strongly engage in corporate social responsibilities to help communities achieve sustainable goals. The core materials used in making the Cannabis Cigarette Boxes are Kraft and cardstock. Kraft is a highly biodegradable material and does not persist in the environment while cardstock can be reused and recycled for future use. Due to these sustainable benefits, there truly is no better option than Kraft and cardstock material and it is partly the reason plastic packaging is not trendy anymore

How to Reach Us?

OXO packaging deals in bulk quantities and by availing of our wholesale deals you can save plenty of money as the average price per piece reduces a lot when you go ahead with the wholesale deals. You can send your queries related to custom cigarette packaging by writing to us. OXO Packaging is always here to provide high-quality, user-friendly, and sustainable cigarette packaging solutions to our people all across Australia. We charge no delivery fee within Australia.

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