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We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Sublime Craft of Candle Packaging Boxes

Candle packaging has seen a wholesome affection across Australia. We love the burning thread all along. OXO Packaging has put some special endeavors into making sustainable Custom Candle Box Packaging. Our zest for this product’s packing and wrapping has become just like a zealous tradition. It was our goal to deliver the happiness along with these candles in the form of packaging boxes. The happiness – that we feel, enjoy and cherish on different occasions. Let’s see what and how we at OXO Packaging are presenting when it comes to the packaging of candles.

A Designated Design Department

We have an in-house design department for the optimum graphic designs of the candle boxes. We know what is required to design sensational Display Boxes. Packaging is incomplete without the artistic and, at the same time sensible use of typography and the proper placement of images. Then there are colours that define the Candle Boxes. A designer always has to illustrate the finest that suits best to the Candle Packaging.

Design can be of varying types i.e., contemporary, digital, illustrated, etc. A lot depends on the designer and how he/she uses the different methodologies of the design world. The approach can be minimalist, it can be surreal or it can also be something unique that no one has ever expected. Design is the first brick of the candle packaging. It sets the tone of the whole procedure. We always work resiliently on making designs more exceptional and fresher. That is why we have manufactured some of the extraordinary Candle Boxes.

Necessary Measures to Take

The first thing comes first; you can place the picture of a candle. Or it can be any type of pattern on the front panels of the box. This design pattern is the core of the box. Once you finalise it; the placement of your logo is the next step. A logo is essential for packaging supplies. Because many times people distinguish your product just from the logo. The logo becomes a symbol of your company. If still, you have not made the logo for your enterprise. Then ask us; we can make a remarkable and memorable logo for your company. You can also have a tagline for your product. Do ponder over it!

Prominent Types of Candle Boxes

We are explicitly presenting some eminent types of candle packaging boxes. We know what Australia wants. Have a look at below packaging classifications.

  • Danube Candle Boxes

Danube candle jars have their significance. These wax pots come in a variety of appearances and sizes. But their basic and famous knob lid style remains the same. We have the needful packaging capacities to make the boxes for Danube jars.

  • Oxford and Cambridge Candle Packaging

If you are looking for Oxford and Cambridge candle jars’ packaging, then we are here for you. We put the trusted quality inserts in the candle packaging boxes so that you can keep them safe.

  • Tealight Candle Boxes of Packaging

Teapot warmers are incomplete without Tealight Candles. We have worked especially on the presentable packaging of these boxes. We make boxes for tealight candles according to your choices. There can be a bigger Master box for a plethora of tealight candles. Or you can have a single box for each tealight candle by us.

Choices of Materials

The unique packaging style is undoubtedly important. But many times, the right material becomes indispensable for candle boxes’ wholesale designs. There are three major types of materials around.

  • Kraft
  • Artboard
  • Corrugated 
  • Chipboard

Chipboard is also known as the rigid board. If we first talk about Kraft, then it is not an ordinary material by any means. This is a totally biodegradable material. You would have seen many display boxes in Kraft in the retail market. These are in abundance. A lot of usage does not make them inferior. It is always the minds of the packaging supplier and the customer that how they conceive a packaging box to be.

A common Kraft Packaging Boxes can be a splendid candle box. As stated earlier, a lot depends on the utilization of the design. Then there is cardboard. Cardboard has the maximum share when it comes to retail packaging boxes. Its white colour helps to represent real-life picture quality. And it is available in a lot of densities. Then there are hand-made rigid luxury boxes. These boxes are also used to pack the candles.

Plenty of Print Choices

Printing has excelled to a great extent. Woodblock, movable printing, and rotary print machines have become outdated. Now is the time of lithographic printing, also known as offset printing. Usually, our clients demand to print four colours of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) colours of offset printing. It is the best printing mechanism these days. Because it enables us to print the real-life images for the candle box packaging, this is the same as digital printing. But the major difference is that you cannot have candle boxes wholesale with digital printing. Because that is quite expensive.

Therefore, we chose offset printing procedures to print the candle boxes in bulk. Screen printing is another option. There are some obligatory colour requirements that need only screen print. You can have a lot of significant colour choices as well. Pantone (the global coding and language of colours) swatch book also helps you a lot to define the colours for your candle box packaging. You can choose a specific colour that can be printed on offset machines, or we can also screen print it.

Why See Elsewhere?

OXO Packaging is the concluding solution for your candle box packaging. It is easy to work with us as we have all the packaging operations under one roof. We don’t outsource anything from anywhere. It just starts from a phone call. Once we receive your call, email, or any message to cooperate, we come in motion.

  • We start by making mockups for you.
  • We give you full freedom to conceive
  • We quickly learn your vision and deliver excellence accordingly.
  • We make it possible to provide you with error-free packaging products.
  • Once the shipment is ready, one of our quality control officers inspects it again.
  • Due to tremendous logistics support, we have quick turnaround timings.

As you receive the error-free shipment at your doorstep, we again contact you and take your feedback. Your impressions mean a lot to us. Burn the anxiety, burn the candles, pick up the phone and dial us now!

-:Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

We are truly flexible and adapted to any number of MOQs. No matter how many packaging products you require; we provide the same splendid standards.

Can you Offer us Design Services?

Yes, we have a splendid team of designers. Packaging is their first love. They offer you what you visualize.

Can I Have a Digital Proof Once the Design is Ready?

Absolutely yes. We present you with free digital proofs with unlimited revisions. To make your face more lit up we provide you with free 3D mockups all the time.

Can I Expect Any Type of Add-ons on My Candle Boxes?

We offer you all the possible finishing options i.e., varnish, matte/gloss laminations, spot UV, foiling in all colours, embossing, debossing, etc. We don’t charge high for the add-ons mentioned above.

What Type of Material Choices do you Offer?

We use all the paperboard materials i.e., cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, rigid (chipboard), etc. Cardboard provides you with digital quality print results. Similarly, we are sound in providing peak print quality on all other materials.

Do you Place inserts in the Candle Boxes?

Yes, we perfectly place the insertions in the candle boxes. Inserts can be of any type i.e., corrugated inserts, cardboard, kraft, foam or rigid inserts, etc. What you prefer, we place rightly there.

Can I have a Sample Before the Final Order?

We exclusively provide you with premade samples; for customised samples, please have a chat with one of our customer support officers.

Can you Make Candle Boxes in Customised Dimensions?

Yes, we make 100% personalised candle boxes according to your given dimensions.

We have Multiple Candles of Different Dimensions. How can We put them All in One Box?

We can make the bigger Master boxes with inserts for you. So, you can easily carry and ship these boxes. 

Do you Charge a Shipping Fee?

We provide total compliance. Every time our quotes are all-inclusive to make you hassle-free.

What is your Turnaround Time?

We have a very quick turnaround timing. It only takes 10 to 15 business days for us to reach your given location.

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