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Custom Soap Boxes New Design

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Soap Boxes

We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

The Splendour of Soap Boxes

If you can make the landmark soaps, even then, you need remarkable Soap Packaging Wholesale. Ingredients and aroma only; do not make a bar of soap. Soap Packaging is also there. It would help if you always had a fit packaging that makes your product a hit. Packaging should have the quality to grab the attention of customers. There are a lot of procedures involved in making Soap Boxes. First, let us brief you shortly on the process of making these boxes.

  • Design Comes the First

First of all, we need a design for the Packaging of Soaps. Either you provide us with this design, or at OXO Packaging, we make the designs independently. We learn your vision about your dream design then our team of designers comes into action. We draw the same sketch on the screen that you were thinking of. We make it easy for you by providing all the packaging processes under one roof.

  • Printing Brings the Design on Paper

We provide you with splendid results on paper. Whatever the design you have finalised, we bring the exact results on paperboard. We use state-of-the-art new machines for Soap Boxes Wholesale that print the digital quality prints, i.e., CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) colours on offset machines. We also do refine screen printing. Later on, we provide you with many add-ons options, i.e., embossing, debossing, spot UV, foiling, etc. We conveniently make Custom Printed Soap Boxes for you.

  • Die-Cut Process Adores More

Die-Cut is a relatively old process, but it is still contemporary according to new standards. Soap Packaging Boxes with windows are a significant category. We can make cut-outs and windows by using this process. Windows provide your clients with a visible opportunity to see the boxes inside. Many times, just windows make your boxes more attractive for your customers. Because you keep the outer box simpler, thus, the customers can see the colourful soap through the windows.

High Demanded Soap Packaging

We will provide you with a thorough style description of Boxes for Soaps. Thus, you will have a bigger picture and this draft will help you design the Soap Boxes according to your requirements.

  • Sleeve Boxes

This is the minimum size for any Soap Boxes Wholesale. Because we make just a sleeve for the soaps in this style, the sleeve covers the whole box with its tiny and short width area. It does not fully cover the soap. It is just like a ribbon. Its both ends are open. This is how your customer can sniff the aroma of the box and can feel its physical appearance. At the same time, making Custom Sleeve Soap Boxes, you only have to be cautious about weather conditions. If the weather is more humid or hot, then don’t go for sleeves style.

  • Fully Covered Soap Boxes

You can make these fully covered Soap Boxes in any style. You can print them on grease/art paper. This is an attractive and cost-efficient option. You can make Soap Packaging in Kraft material. Kraft is fully biodegradable and affordable. The third option is cardboard. Cardboard Soap Packaging are also famous, and you can see them in a variety of styles in the retail market.

  • Soap Sets

This is a unique kind of Soap Packaging Box. Because it is a jumbo pack of many soaps, it can have two or more than two soaps in one box. We perfectly make these master boxes for the Ideal Packaging of your Soap. You just have to give us the dimensions of your soaps, and we can comfortably make bigger Handmade Soap Boxes for you.

  • Personalised Soap Boxes

 You can have any style for your Soap Boxes. We offer you a lot of styles for your Soap Packaging Wholesale. It can be any style that you want, i.e., Pyramid Boxes, Hexagonal Boxes, Pillow style, auto-lock, or reverse tuck end style. Along with these styles, we can make any of the new styles that you want. 

How to Enhance the Visual Quality?

Now comes the account regarding upgrading the visual quality of Soap Packaging. What does it mean by visual enhancement? These are the formal and foremost details that you need to print on the boxes. As we have also been making the Bath Bomb Boxes for a long time, the following contents will help you adore the Soap Boxes Wholesale more.

  • Unveil the Ingredients

You should print the complete detail of the soap ingredients on the Soap Box. People admire the companies that show their secret recipes to them. If you have made a high-quality medicated or beauty soap, then don’t worry about printing the ingredients on the Soap Packaging Wholesale because no one can copy your recipe. You know the proportions. And you have all the rights to make the particular soap.

  • Custom Soap Boxes with Logo

The logo is also an essential part of your enterprise. People distinguish the products by just logos. Make a pleasant logo for your company. If you still have not made the logo for your Soap Boxes then contact us. We can make an eye-catching logo for you. After having the logo, you should place it at the proper place of your Soap Display Boxes. So, people can see it and signify your product on the shelf.

  • Sensational Slogan Makes Sense

The use of taglines has become a highly anticipated trend nowadays. People use them. People love them. We have seen the examples in the form of taglines, i.e. “Just do it”, “Think different”, “Connecting people”, etc. Why do you not make such a tagline for your Soap Boxes? Tagline helps people to remind the soap brand. They associate the product with the slogan. Printing a slogan gives them an emotional connection with the product.

  • Make it Affordable

It is not mandatory to make Luxury Soap Boxes Wholesale. Because soaps are a daily life product, you need all the right planning before making Custom Soap Boxes. We help you to make an affordable strategy. So, the Soap Packaging Boxes in bulk come within your budget. We help you finalise the material choices, design parameters, overall budgeting, logistics and shipping support. So, it is always better to work with OXO Packaging. Pick the phone; let’s talk right now!


-:Frequently Asked Questions:-


What is your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

We are truly flexible and adapted to any number of MOQs. No matter how many packaging products you require, we provide the same splendid standards.

Can you Offer us Design Services?

Yes, we have a splendid team of designers. Packaging is their prime love. They offer you what you visualise.

Can you Make a Logo for my Soap Boxes?

It comes in the design domain of OXO Packaging. Certainly yes, we can make a remarkable and memorable logo for you.

Can I have a Digital Proof Once the Design is Ready?

Absolutely yes. We present you with free digital proofs with unlimited revisions. To make your face more lit up, we provide you with free 3D mockups.

Can I Expect any Add-ons on my Soap Boxes?

We offer you all the possible finishing options, i.e. varnish, matte/gloss laminations, spot UV, foiling in all colours, embossing, debossing, etc. We don’t charge high for the add-ons mentioned above.

What Type of Material Choices do you Offer?

We use all the paperboard materials, i.e. cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, rigid (chipboard), etc. Cardboard provides you with digital quality print results. Similarly, we are sound in providing peak print quality on all other materials.

Can I Have a Sample Before the Final Order?

We exclusively provide you with premade samples; for customised samples, please have a chat with one of our customer support officers. 

Can you Make Soap Boxes in Customised Dimensions?

Yes, we make 100% personalised Soap Packaging Boxes according to your dimensions.

We Have Multiple Soaps of Different Dimensions. How can We put Them All in one Box?

We can make the bigger Master boxes with inserts for you. So, you can easily carry and ship these boxes.

Do you Charge a Shipping Fee?

We provide you with total logistics compliance. Every time our quotes are all-inclusive to make you hassle-free.

What is your Turnaround Time?

We have a very quick turnaround timing. It only takes 10 to 15 business days for us to reach your given location.

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