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Custom Small Counter Display Boxes

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Custom Candy Display Boxes

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Display Boxes

We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Deluxe Genres of Display Boxes

The display is to put on view or exhibit something. Every product demands a display. We make display boxes so your target customers can have a comprehensive view of your products. Hence, they can easily pick and buy them. If we go to the definitions, then each box is a Display Box. But if you see it categorically, then display boxes are a class apart. You pick your best-selling products and place them in Display Boxes. There you are! The sale gets boosted.

First-Hand Choice for a Display Box

Cardboard is the premium material to make all types of Display Boxes. It is available in a white shade. Hence, it provides digital quality images on its surface. And it is optimum to adapt the offset colours. We make Customised Display Boxes in Kraft and rigid materials. But those materials have less demand in Australia. Cardboard is ruling our retail market. 

Design Facilities for More Comfort

Once you provide us with a rough idea of your thoughts, we will provide you with the finest design facilities. We make things easy and better for you. After placing your logo in an appropriate place, we make your Display Boxes remarkable. We also wisely use the colours and typography for your boxes.

A Vast Range of Display Packaging Supplies

Display boxes do not have a single shape or style. They come in various dimensions and patterns. Let us inform you about some exquisite types of Custom Display Boxes.

  • Display Boxes with standing panels
  • Display Boxes with Punch Holes
  • Display Boxes with Product Holes
  • Display Boxes with Inserts
  • Display Boxes with Slabs
  • Display Boxes with Pockets
  • Display Boxes with Dust Flaps
  • Display Boxes with Tiers 

Let us help you with a brief description of the above-mentioned display boxes. So, you can place the order conveniently.

  • Display Boxes with Standing Panels

Every display box has a standing panel at the back of its structure. This is a bigger panel at a proper height. This standing panel is indispensable for these boxes. When you place the products in this box, the whole box is covered with the products. Therefore, we keep this panel higher than all the remaining panels on the three sides of the box. You can print your brand name, logo, taglines, and product name on this panel.

  • Display Boxes with Punch Holes

This is amongst the famous display packaging supplies. You can also call this a hanging display box. Its standing panel has a punch hole on its top. Then you can hang it on the walls. We protect these holes more with steel or metal rings. Thus, you cannot be afraid of its wear and tear outcomes.

  • Display Boxes with Product Holes

We at OXO Packaging make Display Boxes with product holes in bulk. Usually, these boxes are used for lip balms, lipsticks, beverage tins, etc. We place a sheet of inserts in these boxes then, with the help of the die-cutting machine, we make holes according to the exact diameter of the product.

  • Display Boxes with Inserts

Many of the display boxes don’t get completed without inserts. When you have tiny products to place in a Display Box, then inserts are essential. Because they hold the products tightly, thus, they protect them from falling outside the box. We make cardboard, kraft, and corrugated inserts for display packaging supplies.

  • Display Boxes with Slabs

This is like a tower display box. We place two, three, four, or five slabs one over the other. These slabs become like stairs in a Display Packaging Box. This is how you can place the products in rows. These boxes are also very famous in the Aussie retail market. Get them in varying dimensions.

  • Display Boxes with Pockets

These are also called inserts. But we make them in a pattern that they look like pockets in a Display Box. Usually, cosmetics brands use display boxes with pockets for their products. They use them to place creams, lotions, body sprays, etc.

  • Display Boxes with Dust Flaps

These are some particular types of Display Boxes. We make additional dust flaps on the right and left panels of the boxes. Hence, if you have a stormy region or want to protect the products from dust, these flaps are highly effective. Every display box without dust flaps is also known as a “Display box without dust flaps”.

  • Display Boxes with Tiers

We make these phenomenal Display Boxes. They have open-sided levels from each side. Clients demand them rarely, but they are a unique addition to our Display Packaging Supplies. Usually, we use double paste layers of cardboard to make these boxes because they need extra durability.

  • Quality Control & Logistics Support 

Once we complete the project of your display packaging supplies, we will inspect them further. We have deployed an exceptional team of quality control officers who make it possible to send the shipment error-free. Then we deliver the shipment to you by using sublime logistics manners.

Dial and Get Displayed

Our customer support representatives are here to help you through all business days. Dial us and get your products displayed now!

Can you Make my Display Boxes in any Size?

Yes, we make custom display boxes in all the given dimensions.

Can you Place Inserts in The Display Boxes?

Yes, we perfectly place the inserts in the display boxes. We can locate them in any required style.

What Types of Materials Do You Use for Display Boxes?

We primarily use cardboard material to engineer display boxes. We can make the display boxes in Kraft and rigid material on demand.

Do you Provide Design Services for Display Boxes?

Yes, we warmly offer design services to make all types of Display Packaging Boxes.

Do you Offer any Types of Add-ons?

Yes, we provide all types of finishing features for your display packaging, i.e., gloss/matte lamination, foil printing, embossing, debossing, spot UV, etc.

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