Christmas Gift Packaging Boxes

Custom Printed Christmas Gift Boxes Custom Christmas Gift Packaging Boxes

Custom Christmas Gift Boxes

Custom Christmas Cake Boxes Custom Christmas Cake Boxes

Custom Christmas Cake Boxes

Custom Christmas Apple Boxes Custom Christmas Apple Boxes

Custom Christmas Apple Boxes

Custom Christmas Gable Boxes Custom Christmas Gable Boxes

Custom Christmas Gable Boxes

Custom Christmas Favour Boxes Custom Printed Christmas Favour Boxes

Custom Christmas Favour Boxes

Custom Christmas Packaging Boxes Custom Christmas Packaging Boxes

Custom Christmas Packaging Boxes

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Christmas Gift Boxes

We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Christmas Gift Boxes to Amaze Prospects

 We are pioneers of making Christmas Gift Packaging in Australia. We offer a big range of marvellous Christmas Gift Boxes in all shapes and sizes. And when we collaborate with you, we do better than ever. We assure you that you will get the most stylish and trendy gift boxes at nominal prices.

Christmas Gifts Are More Than The Gratitude

Christmas Gifts Boxes are an impressive and important way of marketing. They not only market your product, but also promote your business. OXO Packaging offers you many packaging options. Christmas gift boxes occupy a large space in our production facility. When it comes to offering aesthetics through bespoke Christmas gift boxes, we named ourselves. For Christmas gift boxes in Australia, we made a special effort to make them stand out.

How we Design Christmas Gift Boxes?

Forget about the old-fashioned wrapping paper or cello tape in your hands and stand out with a stunning Christmas Gift Box this year. You can choose from over 11 different designs and styles, 8 coating materials, and 6 additional processes that can change the look of your Christmas gift wrap. Some trendy Christmas Gift Box designs include:

  • Tuck-end Gift Box
  • Sleeve Gift Box
  • Two-Piece Gift Box
  • Mailer Gift Box
  • Display Gift Box
  • Seal-end Gift Box

The Material That your Christmas Gift Boxes Need

We offer different material Christmas gift boxes in australia. All the materials have their own features and are suitable for specific gift types. Commonly used Gift Boxes materials include:

  • Eco-Kraft Christmas Gift Boxes
  • E-Flute Corrugated Gift Boxes
  • Bux Board Christmas Gift Boxes
  • Cardboard Gift boxes
  • Kraft Gift Boxes

The kraft Christmas Gift Box is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and powerful for carrying gifts around. For large or oversized Christmas gifts, E-Flute Cardboard Gift Box Packaging is the best choice. They are strong and durable enough to support large and heavy gifts. However, when talking about regular size gifts, the Eco-Kraft Gift Box material is the best. It is environmentally friendly, readily available, affordable, and offered in a variety of densities. Speaking of cardboard boxes, it's perfect for Customised Christmas Gift Boxes. They are cheap, readily available and easy to recycle. Bux Board Gift Boxes are durable, durable and affordable. Suitable if you need a custom christmas gift box.

  • The Perfect Coating

The perfect coating gives a perfect look to your Christmas Gift Box. Coating adds an enhancement element that makes your product more appealing. Commonly used coatings are:

  • Aqueous coating - It is water based, fast drying and eco-friendly coating that is available in both matt and glossy finish.
  • UV Coating - It is cured with ultraviolet light hence it is fast drying too. It is also available in both matt and glossy finish.
  • Spot Gloss UV Coating - This coating is applied only on the specific areas and is dried using the UV light.
  • Soft touch coating - who doesn’t like a velvety touch with a smooth appearance ? Of Course everyone does and this is what soft touch coating provides.
  • Varnish Coating - It is applied using the famous CMYK printing method. It is a clear coating that is available in sattin, gloss and matte finish.
  • Lamination Coating - As the name suggests, it is used in the lamination of the candle boxes. It is a protective film that is applied to increase the durability of the products.
  • Anti-Scratch lamination - Do you like scratches on your products? Even though we don't like it. Using a BOPP film, this lamination type is scratch resistant and cost effective.
  • Silk Touch Coating - Last but not the least, the amazing silk touch coating is what you need for a soft feel. It is something similar to touching a peach.
  • Christmas Bells

Christmas is an occasion of festivities and christians exchange different gifts on christmas including cakes, cupcakes, decor, jewellery, stuff toys etc. All of them have their own packaging demands including dimensions, style, colour schemes and even box printing design.Most gifts are presented through Santa Claus. When the gifts are packed in the right way with the right material, design, add-on and coating, it will make someone’s Christmas extremely special and we will be more than pleased to be a part of someone’s happiness.

OXO Packaging- The Right Choice for Christmas Gift Boxes

Any kind of business you have, there is always a way to make your product look more competitive. We at OXO Packaging are experienced in creating the most mesmerising, appealing, elegant and relevant Custom Christmas Gift Boxes for our client business.

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