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Custom Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes Custom Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes

Custom Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes

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Custom Luxury Pizza Boxes

Custom Luxury Pizza Boxes

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Custom Unique Bottles Necker Custom Unique Bottles Necker

Custom Unique Bottles Necker

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Custom Gable Cereal Boxes Custom Gable Cereal Boxes

Custom Gable Cereal Boxes

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Custom Matte Black Hair Extension Boxes Custom Matte Black Hair Extension Boxes

Custom Matte Black Hair Extension Boxes

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Custom Window Bakery Boxes Custom Window Bakery Boxes

Custom Window Bakery Boxes

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Custom Paper Soap Boxes Custom Paper Soap Boxes

Custom Paper Soap Boxes

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Custom Kraft Paper Gift Pillow Boxes Custom Kraft Paper Gift Pillow Boxes

Custom Kraft Paper Gift Pillow Boxes

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Custom Folding Pillow Boxes Custom Folding Pillow Packaging

Custom Folding Pillow Boxes

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Custom Printed Hair Extension Packaging Boxes Custom Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

Custom Hair Extension Boxes

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Medicated Soap Packaging Custom Printed Medicated Soap Boxes

Custom Soap Boxes

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Printed Packaging Boxes

We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Perfectly Communicate Your Brand’s Vision Through Printed Boxes
The modern world relies greatly on millions of products to keep it fully functional. These products range within multiple categories i.e. grocery, cosmetics, fast food, bakery, jewellery, etc. To showcase the qualitative elegance of such products, it is important to carefully consider how they shall be packed. Besides smooth boxes, it is important to consider the branding opportunities it provides.

Therefore in modern times, there truly is no better option other than the printed packaging boxes based on their promotional advantages. OXO Packaging provides broad opportunities to all the businesses in Australia in the form of custom printed boxes. We manufacture these customised boxes by using innovative printing technologies. Because of customer trust we provide printed packaging solutions to multiple companies within Australia. This includes bakery, grocery, cosmetics, fast food, and the makeup sector.

Make Your Brand Stand Out with Printed Packaging Boxes

Unlike traditional packaging solutions, The Custom Boxes are branding friendly because of their core material and smooth design. You cannot increase your brand’s outreach if you are not able to imprint your product specification on the packaging display. However, with the custom printed boxes, it is not a problem anymore. It is because they are made out of corrugated Kraft and cardstock material that is highly welcoming to printing.

By using high-end printing technology, you can add your logo with a rainbow of colours to choose from. The core materials are sturdy enough to withstand maximum printing variations on printed packaging boxes. Printed boxes wholesale are the reason behind the smooth branding opportunities provided to all the businesses out there in Australia.

Don’t Miss the Fanciable Customization

Customization opens a gateway to improve the relationship between customers and retailers. It allows a buyer to craft the design of their choice on the packaging box of any shape, size, and texture. You might wonder why there is a need to customise printed packaging boxes in the first place. It is because customers want to take part in the designing phase of their preferred product.

There are plenty of fancy customization options provided within the domain of custom printed packaging.

  • You can get custom Kraft pillow boxes that look fancy and are perfect for the storage of delicate products i.e. Jewellery.
  • Custom window bakery boxes also fall within this category. These boxes are perfect for showcasing bakery products with a transparent window. Such window boxes are perfect for giving customers a quick sneak peek of the product.
  • You can also get your hands on the custom hair extension boxes which are highly demanded by the feminine side.
  • Apart from these options, customers can share the design idea of their preference. In doing so they can get printed packaging boxes of their preferred size, shape, and design which is so cool.

Why Do We Need Printed Solutions for Packaging?

The primary argument in favour of printed designs is that they are perfect for brand endorsement. Printed boxes reduce the dependency on conventional packing and now you can print whatever you want on the box’s surface. With the effective use of high-end printing technology, you can enhance the outreach of your branding logo. Apart from that, the custom printed boxes Australia are highly affordable and take into account all businesses in one umbrella. If you are looking for a fancy Display Box we will definitely look at the packaging material first. Therefore top manufacturers don’t have to compromise on the quality of printed boxes.

Custom Printed Boxes! Branding Benefits of Smooth Lamination

Laminations are vital for providing a smooth finishing touch. The right use of lamination brings a positive impact on sales. With the matte lamination, the shine of the box’s surface is increased making it visually appealing. Similarly, the gloss lamination on custom boxes is also used to provide velvety texture to the printed packaging boxes.  Both these laminations are provided by OXO Packaging that looks appealing on printed boxes wholesale. You can choose whatever you want based on your printed box requirement.

Sustainable Solution is Our Core Vision

Environmental concerns are important to be raised in modern times. Without addressing them it is impossible to groom a business. Therefore OXO Packaging remains highly committed to achieving environmental targets while manufacturing custom printed packaging boxes.

For this reason, we use high-quality eco-friendly material i.e. Kraft which leaves no impact on the environment. It is because it is extracted from natural sources i.e. wood and pulp. After discharge Kraft is turned into compost therefore it is perfect for the manufacturing of Custom Printed Boxes Australia.

How to Contact us?

Feel free to send your queries related to custom printed boxes by contacting OXO Packaging at sale@oxopackaging.com.au. Our customer support team will respond to your queries related to printed packaging boxes in no time. We provide free design consultation and free shipping within Australia.