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Stickers and Labels

We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Custom Printed Stickers & Labels

Stickers are a cheerful part of our lives. We express our jubilations through custom stickers. They have a major portion of the packaging. Once the product gets ready, the first things pasted on the product are stickers or labels.

Stickers have a lot of types. Some of them are as follows:


  • Regular/White Stickers
  • Clear Vinyl Stickers
  • Border cut/Die Cut Stickers
  • Kiss Cut Stickers
  • Shapes' Stickers
  • Hologram Stickers
  • Botanical Stickers
  • Packaging Stickers
  • Label Stickers, etc.

And if we talk about custom printed labels, we also have many varieties of theirs.

  • Brand Labels
  • Size Labels
  • Manufacturers' Labels
  • Batch Mark Labels
  • Special Labels
  • Gloss/Matte Paper Labels
  • Cardboard Labels
  • Kraft Labels

OXO Packaging is a hub of a multitude of packaging products. We have a long and proven history of providing perfect products that cater to all spheres of packaging. The facilitation of all operations under one roof makes us your first choice. Let's see what we can offer you regarding labeling.

Wonders of Custom Sticker Printing

It does not matter about the target audience; our stickers can cater to all your customers. Our stickers are the best suitable for your brand recognition. We have deployed a mindful team of designers to make the designs that make you say, "Wow"! Essentially, design is the architecture of all types of stickers. Most of the stickers come with vibrant and vigorous colour tones and typography.

We have state-of-the-art machines that print stickers sublimely. We are using all types of print methodologies. It depends on the design and your choice of "what you want." If the design has digital images, we print them on offset machines. We use the famous CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) colours to print. If your stickers require screen print, then we flawlessly print them.

  • Contemporary Phenomena of Custom Die-Cut Stickers

Die-cut is old but not an outdated process. We make special dies that cut the stickers according to the given patterns and shapes. The terms "Bumper Stickers", "Border Cut Stickers", and "Shape Stickers" are famous for them. Because usually, we cut them both in personalised patterns. These shapes can be of any type, i.e., oval, hexagonal, rectangular, or famous entangled shapes for "Botanical Stickers".

  • Transparency Through Custom Vinyl Stickers

We have a wide variety of vinyl stickers. You can also have a massive range of glittering transparent stickers from us. You can paste these stickers on your cars, laptops, or at any glass door, etc. We make them with fully preserved quality. We can make both regular and vinyl stickers waterproof. If it is a vinyl sticker, then we apply varnish on it. We give you two options if it is a white sticker, i.e., gloss and matte laminations. We use any of the laminations as you like and make them weatherproof.

  • Custom Stickers Australia 

Being an Australian brand, OXO Packaging knows better what the best for our country is. You just talk to us about your vision. Our design team promptly sketch that imagination on the screen. We make the custom printed stickers in all the styles and measurements. Indeed, we make you hassle-free. Just inform us randomly, what you need, and how you want it. We provide you with digital mockups of different sizes, and there you are. Take it! Paste it!

  • Latitude of Labels’ World

If we specifically talk about labels, how can you differentiate both stickers and labels? Our customers categorise both of them as "Labels", i.e., sticker labels and paper labels. Stickers are used for all promotional purposes. You can also use them as labels, whereas labels are particularly used for informative reasons. You can paste the stickers with their intrinsic sticking value. But when it comes to labels, you have to paste them on your bottles, pantry jars, mugs, etc., with adhesive. Let us gather some specific key points on label printing.

  • Stupendous Custom Label Printing

Usually, we print labels on high-finished gloss or matte paper. These papers are plain from both sides. If we talk about custom label printing trends in Australia, many of our clients use these labels for honey bottles, lip balms, cosmetic products, etc. Some of our customers demand varnish or lamination on these labels to make them weather-resistant.


  • Materials for Label Printing in Australia

The Aussie market has diverse functionalities regarding label packaging. We don't stick to one material. Things keep changing. Demands come dissimilarly. We have made the Kraft and cardboard labels as well. Sometimes customers demand extra density for the material; then, we have to go for these materials but rarely. Usually, these are less thick gloss or matte papers. We want to assure you that we can print the labels in any material you require.

Press the Numbers!

There is a long-range of labels. We have tried to assert all to you. But one aspect was remaining, and that was the price. Our pricings are very economical. We are one of the most reputed packaging folks. We are here to stay. That is why we don’t overcharge. Prices combined with our high-end services make it remarkable for you to work with us. So, pick up the phone now! Press our numbers! Tring-Tring!!! See if the bell is ringing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Material Choices do you Have?

We use regular stickers, vinyl, transparent stickers, holographic stickers, gloss paper, and matte paper to print the labels.

Can you Cut my Labels in Custom Shapes?

Yes! We can impeccably cut the labels in both border cut/die-cut dimensions and kiss-cut shapes.

Can I Have a Sample Before Giving the Final Order?

We cordially present you with premade samples; please have a chat with one of our customer support officers for customised samples.

Can you Match my Exact Desired Colour While Printing the Labels?

To match the distinguished colour of a computer screen through a printing machine is always a bit complicated. But we match all the colours minimum of up to 95% accuracy.

Do you give the Guarantee that my Labels’ Colours will not Fade?

We print the labels with prime-quality inks. So, the colours don’t get easily faded. We can also apply a coat of varnish or laminate them for a lifetime colour guarantee.

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