Noodle Boxes

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We at OXO Packaging make the commendable Custom Noodle Boxes. Get them in various styles and sizes with your brand logo on prime materials. We ship the Noodle Box Packaging products all across Australia without any hidden logistics costs. Contact for rapid deliveries.

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Noodle Boxes

Touching the Next Level Through Noodle Boxes

Noodle Boxes have become a daily life scene in Australia. These boxes filled with noodles can be seen in homes, hotels, and street restaurants. OXO Packaging has made its mark in printing and producing packaging boxes. Now, is the time for us to introduce some breathtaking designs and concepts for Noodle Box. We help you to make these boxes as market winners. Make noodles. Fill them in these boxes. And see the breathtaking attractions.

  • Unique Designs and Their Appeal to Customers

We pay special attention to making the design a trendsetter for our customers. People always first see the design of Noodle Box Packaging. If the design is not attractive, it cannot allure new customers. Product design always convinces new customers to fetch and grab the products in their hands. Indeed, the design promotes products. We leave no stone unturned to make the design a “hit”. We know that an exquisite design compliments the product. And noodles are not an exception.

This is a food product by its core. People buy it, use it and dispose of it. So, the basic intention of people is always to eat it. But we never neglect the aesthetic elements of design. We make your Noodle Box a feast for the eyes. We make it worth looking at. We make it a treat to watch these boxes. We use simple but beautiful design features to make these boxes more attractive. First, we learn about the brand story of our clients. We come to know about the delightful and lucrative elements of the products. Then we come up with a winning design that attracts the customers instantly.

  • Product Placement Through the Right Material

It is not necessary to make a high-end rigid luxury box for the Noodles Packaging. We like being creative. But first, we find possible ways within the minimum expenses. We explore all the practical ways to make the most Affordable Packaging Boxes for Noodles. This quest to remain affordable yet innovative makes it possible for us to make some exceptional boxes. To work in the best interests of our clients is the key to coming up with extraordinary results. Because to give budget-friendly solutions to our clients is our sublime goal. And this goal always helps us to do something unique to make Remarkable Noodle Packaging.

We prefer to make Custom Noodle Boxes in two following materials.

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard

 Because these materials are the most affordable ones. As these two are the major options in the paper world hence we try to come up with something peculiar by using only them. Though cardboard is more costly than Kraft but it is the sublime imagination that propels us to make a commendable design. We have proved in the past, many times we gave some famous designs by only using Kraft. Kraft has some colour limitations. We cannot print the famous four colours of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) on it. But we can use minimum colours wisely and that is the core of a hit packaging product.

  • Making a Prominent Packaging Product Through Exposure

OXO Packaging possesses a long history of giving the ultimate hit packaging outputs. Every time when our customers contact us for their packaging ventures we work zealously. We sit and we ponder over a feasible and productive style of the product. The same applies to Noodle Box Packaging. First, we finalize the appropriate colours for the final design. Colours can be different according to the material. When it comes to the cardboard then we can use all the offset colours. And we use them accordingly. If we have to make the Kraft Boxes for Noodle Packaging then we play with the available colour options. And we try to make it vigorous to the maximum extent.

Box style is also very important. Chinese Takeout Boxes and Gable Boxes are among the top-notch styles of Noodle Boxes. We make both of the styles with commendable care and esthetics. We provide you with all the density options of cardboard and Kraft. If you have to pack more noodles in the boxes then we suggest you have sturdier materials. We suggest lightweight materials for small boxes. We remain feasible at all stages. So, you can get the most cost-effective options every time.

  • Making the Boxes Long-lasting and Reliable

Chinese Takeout Boxes come up with delicate corners and edges. They also require some heedful skills to paste the flaps with glue. Ordinary glue can decrease the life of packaging products. It can detach the panels from sticking together. A quality glue is needed to ship the boxes to any place. The strong adhesive also helps clients to fetch and pick the boxes while eating or carrying them. We use some highly gummy adhesives to paste the panels.

This is how we make sure to provide you the long-lasting and Reliable Noodle Packaging Boxes. We also make your Noodle Boxes waterproof by applying lamination to them. Lamination is a flimsy layer of polythene. We have state-of-the-art lamination equipment. We adequately stick the lamination layer over the boxes. Lamination has two types.

  • Gloss
  • Matte

 Gloss is first and the second is the matte. We are offering both. Gloss lamination provides an additional shine to the surface of Noodle Boxes. Contrarily, matte lamination comes with a dull surface. It has no shine. But it has its own grace. And it has its own fanbase.

  • Bringing the Quality with Quantity

It is always a top priority for us to make Top-quality Product Packaging. We closely and diligently complete all the designing, printing, and assembling procedures of the Noodle Packaging Boxes. Once we complete a particular level of production we review and assess our work quality. We do not end here. We have assigned a specific quality control officer that again inspects the accomplished packaging process. This is how we ensure to ship you the packaging products without any error. We are also very flexible when it comes to the quantities of your packaging products.

If you require only one hundred Noodle Boxes, we make them. And if you require a bulk shipment, we make your boxes without any hassle. It is all possible due to our in-house facilities of productions. We are a one-stop shop for your all packaging needs. We make the boxes from scratch. We conceive the idea. Bring it on paper through design. We do this by our own design department. Then we print the boxes in our printing facilities. Later on, we accomplish all the assembling and shipping procedures under our own banner. That is why we are affordable, qualitative, and quick.

How to Get the Phenomenal Noodle Boxes?

It is very simple. You just have to pick up your phone. We are only a phone call away from you. Just give us a call. We listen to you. We understand your packaging aspirations then we dispatch your shipment in a very quick turnaround time. Contact us. And then let us bring the best for you.

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