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Brand Your Products with Custom Boxes with Logo

We provides you the best packaging solutions with customized printed box service, which matches your industry and product specific needs. Get high quality custom boxes with logo with a flexible and simple packaging process.
Box Packaging

OXO Packaging – Name of Quality Offering Eco Friendly Custom Packaging

Your products deserve the best packaging to make a lasting impression. So what’s better than using custom boxes with logo to brand your products? An artistically designed packaging can do wonders for your brand identity and customer loyalty.

It protects your products during transit and acts as a free marketing tool. Look no further than our packaging solutions. We at OXO Packaging make your products spectacular with our unique packaging solutions. Also, we help you to present your boxes in the best light possible.  

Why Custom Boxes with Logo?

Custom packaging boxes with logo is an excellent way to present your brand. It also helps you to present your products exquisitely. However, some significant benefits of using such boxes are the following:

  • Differentiation 

Custom boxes with logo set your products apart from the competitors. Our expert design team puts every possible effort into making your products visually appealing. Thus, it helps you to create your brand identity and recognition in the market. 

  • Boost Sales 

We use eco-friendly packaging to attract environment-conscious customers. Hence, it will help you to get higher sales. 

  • Professionalism 

Using a logo, theme, mission, values, and story on custom packaging boxes makes your brand more professional. It increases your customers’ trust in your business and services. So it brings you back more customers. 

All these benefits make your brand more reliable for the customers, which is a great advantage. 

Packaging Material Options at OXO Packaging

We offer you unlimited customisation options at OXO Packaging. We also allow you to select the best material for your custom boxes with logo. You can select any of the materials mentioned below. 

  • Kraft
  • Rigid Paperboard
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated

All these materials are readily biodegradable. Also, they are recyclable and don’t add pollutants. That’s why they are eco-friendly. In addition, all these materials are highly durable. So they help you to deliver your products safely during transit.

We Use the Latest Printing Techniques 

Printing helps you increase the brand's visibility. It also helps you to highlight the necessary details on your packaging. Therefore, we use the latest printing techniques, such as 

  • Offset Printing 
  • Digital Printing 

So both these printing techniques result in high-quality images on custom packaging boxes with logo. On top of that, we use lively and vibrant colours to make your products look more eye-catching. 

What Kind of Add-Ons Do We Offer?

Presentation impacts the customers’ perception of the product. A visually appealing product can attract the customers’ attention in a few seconds. That’s why we offer various add-ons to add charm to your product presentation. We offer the following types of add-ons 

  • Embossing
  • Debossing 
  • Foiling (Gold, Silver, Hot Stamp Foiling) 
  • Laminations (Matte, Gloss, Holographic) 
  • Spot UV 
  • PVC 

You can choose any of these add-ons and make your custom printed packaging distinct from the thousand’s other similar products. 

Customization Options at OXO Packaging

We don’t restrict our customers regarding customisation. For example:

  • You can select any size that fits your products perfectly.
  • You can choose the material according to your packaging needs. 
  • Also, you can select the design and style that aligns with your business theme.

Besides these, you can also select the printing and add-ons of your own choice.

Types of Packaging Boxes

We have a wide range of custom boxes to fulfil your needs. You can get our custom boxes Australia-wide.We have different types of packaging boxes based on the following parameters:

1. Boxes by Industry

We offer printed boxes for various industries whether small or large. You can select from;

  • Boxes for beauty products - such as apparel boxes, fashion packaging, soap boxes, and more.
  • Boxes for consumer products - such as CBD boxes, hemp boxes, cigarette boxes, and many more. 
  • Boxes for Grocery - such as bakery boxes, bakery boxes, cereal boxes, and more. 

We are specialized in producing high-quality custom printed packaging according to your specific needs.

2. Boxes by Material

We always use the highest quality packaging materials to create the best custom boxes Australia-wide. You can select any of the following 

  • Kraft Boxes 
  • Cardboard Boxes 
  • Corrugated Boxes 
  • Rigid Boxes 

All these boxes have different uses. For example, Kraft boxes are famous for food packaging. However, Rigid boxes are used for gift packaging. 

3. Boxes by Style

A unique box style can help you to improve your customer packaging experience. We offer the following unique styles of boxes:

  • Window Boxes 
  • Pillow Boxes 
  • Gable Boxes 
  • Display Boxes 

You can choose any of these boxes to create a unique impression in the market.

Save More with Custom Boxes with logo Wholesale

We offer our customers an option to save money. For this, we offer discounts on custom boxes with logo wholesale. Moreover, you will get many boxes in one go, which can ensure business continuity. 
Besides, it saves effort and time as you need to place the order once for bulk. Thus, ordering wholesale benefits you in different ways. 

Why Choose OXO Packaging AU?

We, OXO Packaging, are a trustworthy packaging company in Australia. We offer premium packaging solutions for high-end packaging at affordable prices. Above all, we understand our customers' packaging needs and provide solutions accordingly. You get the following advantages when you get in touch with us. 

  • No die or plate charges 
  • No hidden or extra charges 
  • Free shipping services 
  • Free design consultation 
  • Fast turnaround time 
  • Active chat support team

Further, you can contact us immediately via phone, live chat, or email in case of any confusion. So get your custom boxes with logo and enjoy our unlimited customer-friendly deals and services. 

Request a Quote

Are you ready to place the order or do you have some questions regarding our services? Well! We will provide you a custom quote according to your specific requirements without any cost. Yes! We are offering a quote free of cost. So, don’t wait for a second to contact us and get a customized quote for your packaging boxes. You can either fill out the instant quote form or get in touch with us via phone, email, or live chat. Let’s start the conversation and find the perfect packaging solution for you. 

Contact Us  

If you have any queries, you can contact us via phone, email, or live chat on our website. Also you can stay updated by following us on our social media accounts. So, keep following our blogs for the latest packaging updates and news. 

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Yes, you can order custom boxes with logo in bulk. We offer discounts on wholesale orders.

We use both offset and digital printing methods for printed boxes.

Yes, we customise your wholesale packaging boxes.

Yes, you can choose the printing you think will be the best for your printed boxes.

You can select any options from embossing, debossing, foiling, and lamination (Gold, Silver, Holographic). 

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