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OXO Packaging offers a variety of custom packaging solutions and project assistance with pricing and service you'll love.

Starting From 100 Boxes

Check our packaging quality first by ordering a minimum of 100 boxes.

High Quality Offset Printing

High Quality Offset Printing

Aesthetically showcase your brand identity by trusting our high-end printing.

Free Die & Plates Charge

Free Die & Plates Charge

Make your product visually appealing by getting free die and plate designs.

Fast Turnaround 8-10 Business Days

Fast Turnaround 10-12 Business Days

Win over your customers to deliver quality products using our customised packaging.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Get affordable custom packaging solutions without compromising quality.

Custom Design

Custom Design, Sizes & Style

Improve your customer’s unboxing experience using our unique customisation options.

Featured Products

With quick turnaround and low minimums, we’re a leading custom printed box manufacturer to wholesalers and retail brands for a reason.


ACCOMPLISH YOUR BUSINESS GOALS WITH OUR SUPERIOR SERVICE Custom Packaging Boxes with Logo Make Your Brand Speak Itself.

The packaging industry is highly lucrative for product-selling businesses that can bring in enormous profits for the business. An appropriate type of product packaging is critical to keep.

Exclusive Discounts on Offer

Get best printing services with most affordable prices and wholesale rates on bulk orders

Modern Design
Modern Design and Dimensions

Select the most suitable and valuable design requirements that include layout, style, size, color, and artwork

Fast Delivery
Super-Fast Delivery

We take pride in ensuring fast turnaround and super-fast delivery service on all custom orders

Print Quality
Impeccable Print Quality

We provide incredible and colorful print quality for your common and elaborate designs

Distinctive Finishes
Distinctive Finishes

Get a Wide Assortment of Exclusive Finishes, Laminations, and Coating Under One Roof, One Click, and One Price

effective Pricing
Cost-effective Pricing

We offer most affordable price of custom packaging with wholesale rates not found anywhere else

No Extra Charge
No Extra Charge

Get truly spectacular custom graphics and artwork without any extra costs.

Functional Materials
Robust & Functional Materials

We are well aware of CSR and use high-quality eco-friendly packaging materials to ensure a sustainable environment

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I order custom boxes with logo in bulk?

Yes, you can order custom boxes with logo in bulk. We offer discounts on wholesale orders.

What printing methods are used for custom boxes with logo?

We use both offset and digital printing methods for printed boxes.

Can I customize my wholesale packaging boxes?

Yes, we customise your wholesale packaging boxes.

Can I choose printing of my choice?

Yes, you can choose the printing you think will be the best for your printed boxes.

What finishing options do I have?

You can select any options from embossing, debossing, foiling, and lamination (Gold, Silver, Holographic). 

Personalize Your Packaging: Wholesale Custom Boxes with Logo for Your Unique Brand

In today's competitive market, branding and personalization are crucial in capturing customers' attention. That's why Oxo Packaging offers wholesale custom boxes with a logo, enabling you to showcase your unique brand identity. With these customized packaging solutions, you can elevate your products and make a lasting impression on your target audience. Oxo Packaging understands the importance of creating a cohesive brand experience, and its custom boxes with logos are designed to reflect your brand's essence and values. Whether you're a small business or a well-established brand, 

When you choose wholesale custom boxes with a logo from Oxo Packaging, you unlock a world of possibilities to differentiate your brand from the competition. With different customizable options, you can choose the size, shape, material, and design elements that perfectly represent your brand. From vibrant colors and striking graphics to elegant finishes and unique textures, Oxo Packaging ensures that your custom boxes with logos are visually captivating and leave a memorable impression. Moreover, their high-quality materials and precise printing techniques guarantee durability and a professional look for your packaging. 

Packaging that Puts Value in the Spotlight: The Influence of Custom Product Boxes

Custom product boxes have a powerful influence on how customers perceive the value of a product. These specially designed packaging solutions visually represent the brand's quality, creativity, and attention to detail. They communicate that the product inside is worth investing in, enticing customers to choose it over competitors’ offerings. With custom product boxes, brands can effectively highlight the value of their products and leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Customized packaging solutions are tailored to fit the specific dimensions and requirements of the product, ensuring a secure and snug fit. This helps minimize the risk of damage and maintains the product's integrity, enhancing customer satisfaction. Custom product boxes are designed with durability in mind, utilizing sturdy materials that can withstand the rigors of shipping and handling. By prioritizing protection and presentation, custom-made product boxes reinforce the value proposition of the brand and its products.

Exploring the Wide Industry Reach of Customized Packaging

Custom Boxes' versatility is one significant advantage, as they can be obtained for various products. Customized packaging encompasses a variety of sectors, including grocery, cosmetics, jewelry, CBD, and the retail industry. Several commonly used custom packaging boxes in the UK cater to specific industries, such as Custom CBD Boxes, Custom Jewelry Boxes, Custom Display Boxes, Custom Cosmetic Boxes, Custom Bakery Boxes, and Custom Burger Boxes. The following list highlights the prevalent types of custom packaging boxes in the UK across various sectors.

Style Meets Function: Customized Boxes that Enhance Product Appeal

Customized boxes offer a perfect blend of style and functionality, elevating the overall appeal of products. These boxes are meticulously designed to align with the brand's aesthetics and create a lasting impression on consumers. From sleek and minimalist designs to vibrant and eye-catching graphics, customized boxes capture attention and intrigue. However, it's not just about appearances. These boxes are engineered with functionality, providing secure packaging, convenient storage, and easy transportation. Whether it's incorporating inserts for product protection or innovative opening mechanisms for enhanced user experience, customized boxes seamlessly integrate style and function, ensuring products are visually captivating, well-protected, and easily accessible to customers.

Discover the Finest Materials for Custom Printed Boxes

Choosing suitable materials is crucial for achieving custom-printed boxes' desired quality and aesthetics. A wide range of options are available, each with its unique characteristics and benefits. High-quality materials such as premium cardboard, eco-friendly Kraft paper, or durable corrugated board offer excellent durability and strength to protect the contents during shipping and handling. Additionally, these materials provide a smooth surface for vibrant and crisp printing, allowing the custom designs and logos to stand out. By exploring the finest materials for custom-printed boxes, businesses can ensure that their packaging looks visually appealing and delivers the necessary protection and functionality for their products.

Embrace Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Kraft Paper Boxes

In today's era of environmental consciousness, the importance of sustainable packaging cannot be overstated. That's why embracing eco-friendly, biodegradable Kraft paper boxes is a smart business choice. Kraft paper, derived from renewable wood pulp, offers an excellent eco-friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials. These biodegradable boxes are designed to minimize the environmental impact, as they can naturally break down and decompose over time, leaving behind no harmful residues. By opting for Kraft paper boxes, businesses demonstrate their commitment to reducing carbon footprints and promoting a greener future. Embracing eco-friendly packaging solutions aligns with consumer values and allows brands to contribute to a healthier planet.

The Elegance of Smoothly Printed Cardboard Boxes

Experience the unparalleled elegance of smoothly printed cardboard boxes. These boxes offer exceptional durability and a sleek and polished appearance that enhances the overall presentation of products. The smooth surface of the cardboard is a perfect canvas for high-quality printing, allowing intricate designs, vibrant colors, and sharp logos to come to life with remarkable clarity. Whether it's a sophisticated brand image or intricate product details, smoothly printed cardboard boxes add a touch of sophistication and professionalism to any packaging. With their impeccable finish and eye-catching aesthetics, these boxes elevate the visual appeal of products, leaving a lasting impression on customers and reinforcing the brand's commitment to quality.

Exquisite Packaging Solutions with Rigid Stock Material

Indulge in the realm of exquisite packaging solutions crafted with rigid stock material. Known for its exceptional sturdiness and strength, rigid stock material offers a premium packaging option that exudes elegance and sophistication. These boxes provide unparalleled protection to delicate and valuable products, ensuring they reach customers in pristine condition. With their sturdy construction and smooth surface, rigid stock material boxes offer a canvas for exquisite branding and design elements. Whether embossed logos, luxurious finishes, or intricate patterns, these packaging solutions elevate the perceived value of products and create a memorable unboxing experience. Immerse yourself in the world of luxury and quality with our exquisite packaging solutions crafted from rigid stock material.

Solutions: Custom Corrugated Boxes Ensuring Sound Delivery

Discover the ultimate solution for safe and secure delivery with custom corrugated boxes. These boxes are meticulously crafted to endure the challenges of shipping, guaranteeing that your products arrive at their destination in excellent condition. Made from durable and resilient corrugated cardboard, these boxes protect against impacts, moisture, and handling during transit. Custom corrugated boxes can tailor the packaging's size, shape, and strength to fit your products perfectly, minimizing the risk of damage. Whether you're shipping fragile items, electronics, or heavy goods, these boxes offer a reliable solution for sound delivery. Knowing that your products are well-protected within custom corrugated boxes gives you peace of mind and delights your customers upon arrival.

Captivate with Exclusive and Eye-Catching Custom Packaging Box Templates

Different brands have unique packaging requirements. Some brands may need compact logo wholesale boxes, while others rely on large customized packages. This indicates that customizing the packaging size is crucial for effective product branding and creating a lasting impact. Custom sizing ensures durability and protection and enhances the product's branding attributes. OXO Packaging presents an extensive selection of customized packaging styles that can elevate any business. This packaging solution simplifies branding efforts as the bespoke packaging boxes are specifically tailored to suit the characteristics of the enclosed products.

 Below are some of the unique and attention-grabbing styles, patterns, and templates available from OXO Packaging, including Custom Die-Cut Boxes, Custom Boxes with Window, Double Wall Tray and Lid, Custom Gable Boxes, Hexagonal Boxes, Custom Tuck Boxes, Candle Boxes, Chocolate Boxes, Five Panel Hanger Boxes, Retail Boxes, Soap Boxes, and Four Corner Tray. Feel free to explore the collection of Custom Boxes templates. Including custom gable boxes provides a convenient way to carry the product, which explains their popularity. Likewise, custom die-cut boxes with windows offer a hassle-free means for people to view the product without opening the box. Typically, window boxes are equipped with a PVC sheet, which effectively shields against moisture and dust, ensuring optimal protection for the enclosed products.



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