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Your Packaging Partner - Offering Custom Boxes with Logo

We provides you the best packaging solutions with customized printed box service, which matches your industry and product specific needs. Get high quality custom boxes with logo with a flexible and simple packaging process.

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Box Packaging

OXO Packaging – Name of Quality Offering Eco Friendly Custom Packaging

Get Highly Graceful Packaging Boxes

It isn't easy to find a perfect Custom Packaging Australia for your product because large businesses still rely on conventional packaging. OXO Packaging has a demonstrated history of breaking such norms. We provide Packaging Boxes solutions to all multiple businesses, whether grocery or cosmetic. What differentiates us from others is updating alongside the revolutionising world.

You will get free design ideas from our expertise regarding your Custom Boxes to boost your business. Besides designing and free shipment across Australia, our products are eco-friendly equipped with branding-friendly laminations. Our Custom Packaging Boxes can enhance your business's outreach if your business is already established. Let's discuss what we provide.

Diverse Packaging Box Solutions Under One Umbrella

OXO Packaging provides diverse Packaging Boxes for products related to grocery, cosmetics, bakery, cigarettes, and makeup. We do not stick to one sort of box's shape; instead, we are quite open to innovation. You can get dozens of layouts related to your Product Packaging Boxes. Among them, the prominent ones are.

  • Window Boxes that enhance the aesthetic display of grocery products, i.e. Soap Boxes.
  • Our Die-cut Packaging Boxes are also exceptional in their design. Such Packaging Boxes are appealing, and you can get a cut of your preferred shape on the box's front.
  • Don't miss our display boxes which become the limelight of your store's counter. Such boxes are perfect for showcasing e-juices, lollipops, candies, and lip balms.
  • We also provide Rigid Boxes, simple Packaging Supplies, mailer-shaped boxes, and Display Boxes for all products that fall in the luxury category.
  • Eco Friendly Packaging is Our Core Vision

Sustainability is our core vision. Custom Packaging Australia is strongly committed to achieving sustainable development goals. As an innovative company, we also care for our social responsibilities in society. For this reason, we provide Eco-Friendly Packaging Box solutions to all our clients in Australia. The core material we use in our process, i.e. Kraft Boxes, poses no harm to the environment since it is completely biodegradable. You can also recycle such boxes and use them again for household purposes. For instance, you can reuse Eco Friendly Packaging Boxes as coin collecting boxes or convert them into bean collecting ones. Your Packaging Box will look more appealing and save you plenty of money by doing this.

  • Extraordinary Product Protection through Custom Boxes

The world needs Packaging Boxes that provide good protection to the product. No one will prefer a visually beautiful box that is fragile in strength. We strongly understand this perspective and use high-quality, sturdy material in our processes. The Custom Boxes we manufacture are made out of Kraft and Cardboard Boxes. These materials can withstand maximum pressures, whether from shipping or environmental factors. Using Packaging Supplies, your product shall be free from extreme temperature, humidity, moisture, dust, and pathogenic attacks.

  • Make Artistic Layouts with High-End Box Customisation

OXO Packaging in Australia involves high-end customisation technologies to enhance the beauty of Custom Packaging Australia. You can craft whatever design you want on our Eco Friendly Packaging Supplies and let the product vouch for you. Choose whatever design, colour, printing technique, or design you love, and our experts will craft them on the Gift Boxes precisely.

You can trust OXO Packaging in Australia as we strongly care that size customisation is the hectic product development process. Some companies manufacture a product in a small size while their competitors provide the same product in a large size. We provide our clients with excellent custom options to choose The Custom Eco Friendly Boxes exactly as their product's dimension.

  • Custom Packaging Boxes! Luxurious Texture with Laminations

Laminations can be used as perfect branding tools on Custom Packaging Boxes. With the proper use of lamination such as matte and gloss, you can enhance the outlook of your Custom Packaging. OXO Packaging provides a Packaging Box equipped with the proper use of matte and gloss lamination.

Our matte lamination provides customers with a soft velvety box texture, while the gloss brings exceptional branding benefits. Custom Stickers coated with gloss lamination have an additional shiny appearance. Such Eco-Friendly Packaging is perfect for branding as your logo will outshine through the proper use of gloss lamination.

  • The Core Materials Tell Everything

It is noteworthy to mention what kinds of core materials we use to manufacture Eco Friendly Packaging Boxes. We do not adhere to conventional plastic-based materials that are synthetic, expensive, and persist in the environment for a long time. Instead, OXO Packaging in Australia uses Kraft and Cardboard Boxes material to manufacture all sorts of Pillow Boxes. Kraft, in general, is sturdy. It can overcome maximum pressure and still keep the product intact. Moreover, the special protection that comes with corrugation is also exceptional. Moreover, the tensile strength of this material is also very high, making it a perfect alternative to plastic-based packaging.

  • Custom Packaging Australia: Avail Our Free Design Services

Providing excellent customer support services has always been our core interest. If you plan to purchase Custom Packaging Boxes for your product, we will provide you with free design ideas. All you have to do is tell us about your branding and Custom Packaging Australia requirements. Our expert staff will craft your ideas precisely on the boxes and make them stand along with competitors.

Get in Touch! Our Experts are Just a Text Away

Suppose you have any queries related to Custom Packaging Supplies. In that case, you are at the right place to get an expert opinion. We also provide Custom Packaging Australia free services related to designing and customisation ideas. Feel free to write to us directly to inquire about our services. We deal in bulk quantities, which brings you multiple opportunities to save money. Going ahead with our Wholesale Packaging Deals will save you plenty of money as the price per piece falls when you purchase a thing in bulk. There are no shipping charges within Australia, and we guarantee that your product will reach your doorstep promptly.

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