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We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Elevate Your Brand’s Sales With Customised And Creative Paper Bags

Nowadays, it is quite a trend to use printed paper bags for shopping. There is a rise in demand for such packaging because of the sustainable solution it offers. The light weight of these bags allows you to carry a variety of products in them. Instead of using plain ones, you can get these bags customised. We at OXO Packaging provide you with unique offers on personalised paper bags.

You will be impressed to see our top-notch technology used in designing these bags. We always choose distinctive patterns, colour combinations, and styles to create uniqueness.

Embark on The Brand’s Success Journey With Custom Printed Bags

A brand succeeds when it selects the right branding tool to advertise its products. Using custom paper bags is one of the best branding techniques so far. OXO Packaging provides you with high-quality, firm packaging solutions. We use sturdy paper that can easily withstand the weight of the products.

You will be amazed to see our creativity in designing the Custom Printed Bags. We are a one-unit company in which all of our processes are linked. Hence, we help you get maximum brand recognition through paper bags with logo. 

Verstaility in Customization

A standard paper bag cannot fulfil the safety requirement for all products. You will always need custom paper bags packaging to fit the products. So, we offer sizes ranging from mini, small, medium, large, and extra-large. We need the exact measurements of the products that require this packing to design it.

If you require bags in bulk, then we have a solution for you. You can buy paper bags wholesale at cheap rates for different sizes. Our rates are lower than those of other packaging companies in Australia. Hence, we have the expertise to design them as wholesale packaging in custom dimensions.

Enhancing The Appearance Of Your Gift Bags With Adds On Features

Gift bags always have something special for the receivers. However, the packaging makes the gift look more attractive than the gift itself. We have significant experience creating beautiful Paper Bags for Gifts. Our team always pays great attention to colour selection, glitters, ribbons, etc.

We use attractive themes, colourful images, and a variety of fonts for Paper Bags for Gifts. You can choose embossing, lamination, and foiling for perfect finishing. To make the packing more lavish, you can add features like bows, ribbons, beads, etc. Receivers feel special when receiving gifts in such packaging.

We Are Offering Environmentally Friendly Solutions In The Printed Paper Bags

Our printed paper bags come with eco-friendly features. Therefore, we design the paper packaging bags with biodegradable material. After using them, these bags could easily get discarded in the environment. Other than that, you can reuse them for a variety of purposes. Such features always convince customers to approach our packaging company. You can opt for us and enjoy free shipping all over Australia. So, feel free to contact us!

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The paper bag packaging differs from the box packaging. We designed it with kraft material. Thus, the bags are light in weight and help promote sustainability.

The purpose of this packaging is to protect the environment from pollution. You can recycle effortlessly. Similarly, you can use these for shopping for various goods, from apparel to groceries.

They come in a distinctive number of sizes, according to the requirements of customers. You can avail them in different dimensions according to product fitting.

Paper packaging bags can carry a great deal of weight. You can carry groceries, electronics, cosmetics, medicines, and books in them. These bags are durable, but remember to place only a few heavy items in them.

They are affordable, making them a significant part of retail shopping. These multipurpose bags can let you carry different types of goods. The purpose of the paper bags is to advertise your brand too.

Yes, you can easily fold them when running short of storage. You can start folding the bags from the bottom to the opening. After this, you can place them in the stack for storage.

We use lamination that can protect them from exposure to water. Also, we use thick kraft sheets that can resist more moisture.

No, we give you a free hand in designing these paper packaging bags. You can get your favourite designs and styles over there. 

Yes, they play an essential role in advertising your business. With logos, you can enhance brand awareness among customers. Your customers will begin trusting you once they see the logo on these bags.

Yes, you can reuse them on and off whenever needed. Also, recycling is the best way to increase the life of these bags. 

These bags are more cost-effective than other materials. The reason behind this is the reuse of the bags.

Nowadays, there is a trend to use them for retail shopping. Apparel and fashion brands frequently use them to pack their products.

We at OXO Packaging Australia allow you to order these bags in bulk quantities. You can order from us and get the bags at wholesale rates.

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