About Us

OXO Packaging is a central manufacturing, printing, and packaging solutions hub. Our designers and printing experts are deeply committed to aesthetics and uncompromising quality. With a precise understanding of various box styles and requirements, we cater to diverse needs without charging our valued customers for the design and minor modifications.

Driven by our team's unwavering vision to win over hearts, we execute every process efficiently, ensuring prompt fulfilment of your requirements. Our goal is not just to earn profits but to earn admiration. That's why we offer affordable pricing, enabling our customers to fully benefit from our services.

At OXO Packaging, we make the seemingly impossible possible. If you aspire to stand out from your competitors, we offer a unique pathway for you to forge ahead. Our inventory comprises an array of versatile boxes, including Kraft, Corrugated, Cardboard, Kraft, window, die-cut, and wedding boxes. We thoroughly understand customization, tailoring these carriers to your specific product's rigidity and dependability. From robust electronic packaging to sophisticated cosmetics encasements, we cover the entire spectrum of requirements.

Our skilled designers create captivating designs with appealing dimensions and incorporate internal fixtures, perforations, UV coatings, glossy and matte laminations, and intricate die-cut patterns to enhance your brand's identity. We prioritize hygienic and eco-friendly packaging materials. Through the clever use of colors and hues, we craft impeccable combinations that create an unparalleled introduction to your product.

OXO Packaging is an enthusiastic packaging provider ready to cater to businesses of all types worldwide. Our agile experts go above and beyond to ensure seamless services, including prompt shipment facilitation. We cater to permanent industry needs and find excitement in designing packaging solutions for events and seasonal occasions. Our commitment lies in upholding the highest quality and standards, trusted by clients across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

For more information, contact us at [email protected].uk