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We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Take Advantage of Our Reliable Food Packaging to Improve Your Brand Identity

Are you worried about the food's freshness and taste while delivering your food? If yes, don't worry anymore. Look no further than our unique food packaging. Our innovative packaging solution guarantees to keep your food safe and fresh even after hours.
Whether you are running a small food corner or a big restaurant, our wholesale food packaging boxes are perfect for you. They will keep your food safe and fresh for a more extended period. So, with OXO Packaging, you don't need to worry about food safety.

Why Our Custom Food Packaging Is a Perfect Solution for Your Food Brand?

Our food boxes are perfect for your food brand for the following reasons.

1. Our Custom Packaging Promote Your Brand

We offer unlimited customisation options for food boxes. Customisation is a great way to make your brand popular. Custom printed food packaging acts as a free brand ambassador. Thus, you don’t need to invest in branding.
In addition, you can add your brand logo, which will make your brand distinct from your competitors. You can also add your brand mission, values, and story to your packaging. This will enable you to strengthen your bond with your customers.

2. We Use Sustainable Materials for Packaging 

Our food boxes are perfect for your brand as we offer sustainable food boxes. We use the highest quality food packaging materials, such as

  • Cardboard 

  • Corrugated 

  • Kraft

All these materials are durable and environmentally friendly. Also, they are easily degradable and don’t add pollutants to the environment. Among all these, our Cardboard food packaging boxes are the most popular. They efficiently protect the food from heat, moisture, and temperature.
Using such materials conveys the message that you care for your customers and environment. Hence, it helps you to win the trust of environment-conscious customers. 

3. Our Food Boxes Protect Your Food Items 

Our food boxes protect your food items, especially our Chinese food boxes. They are special due to their high tensile strength. Our packaging keeps your food safe from all external factors. Our boxes are also excellent in keeping the food fresh and tasty. 
In addition, they are strong enough to withstand any pressure. Thus, it helps you to deliver the food in its original taste and texture. 

4. We Offer Discounts on Wholesale Orders 

Above all, our food packaging is great for your business as we offer discounts when you order in bulk. This way, we help you to save money by offering discounts on food packaging supplies wholesale.

It also saves you time as you don’t need to order over and over again. When you order in bulk, you will get many boxes in one go. Hence, it saves you time and effort. You can use the saved money in branding or offering discounts to your customers. 

Why is OXO Packaging AU a Premium Choice?

OXO Packaging is a premium choice for businesses looking for affordable packaging solutions in Australia. Our customers are our priority, and we put all possible efforts into facilitating them. 

You get the following benefits when you contact us. 

  • Free Design Consultation

We have an expert design team that is always ready to help you with creative design food packaging. You just need to share your ideas with them. Then, rest is their responsibility to turn your ideas into designs that you want. 

  • Free Shipping Services 

We offer you free shipping services throughout Australia. All you have to do is place your order. Then you will receive your order at your doorstep within 12-15 working days. 

  • No Die or Plate Charges 

We don’t have any die or plate charges. And offer these services free of cost. 

  • No Hidden or Extra Charges 

We don’t have any hidden or extra charges for our services. 

  • Active Chat Support Team

Our active chat support team is always ready to answer your queries. In case of any confusion regarding food or retail boxes, you can approach us immediately. We are always here to listen from your side. 

So place your order for food boxes and enjoy our customer-friendly services. 

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The most common material used for food packaging is Cardboard. It is due to its durability and eco-friendly nature. Our cardboard boxes protect your food items from the effects of the external environment.

Yes, you can customise food boxes according to your preferences. For example, you can select your desired size, shape, and design of the food boxes according to the business theme. 

Yes, our food boxes are eco-friendly as they are made of recyclable materials. As a result, they are readily biodegradable and don’t cause pollution to the environment. 

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