How Window Boxes Help to Sell Your Products Faster?

2022-07-22 13:18:29

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Window packaging boxes are a great source to boost sales. Many people shift from one style of box to another. First, they went for plain boxes then a time comes, and soon they revert towards window boxes. Once while sitting I was pondering over this transition. Then some astonishing benefits of Window Boxes came on the horizon. Today I am going to write about some of the remarkable advantages of window packaging boxes. Have a look at my following contents.

What is the Material to Make Window Boxes?

There are some parameters of window making that we have to learn in the initial stages. Cardboard and Kraft are the ideal materials to make windows. It does not mean that you cannot make windows in rigid boxes. That is duly possible. But to make windows in the rigid style of the casing is a bit difficult. Well, it is not difficult to make them. But if we rightly assert then it is technically a bit awkward.

It is simple to understand. As you can assume; Small Rigid Boxes are thicker and sturdier. When packaging companies try to paste a layer of polythene or PVC into these boxes then it becomes a little complicated. Because the panels of rigid boxes are thicker thus polythene and PVC can never be of the same density as box panels. So, it gives a bit clumsy feel to the box attire. It becomes the contrast between thick and thin. I don’t say that people don’t make rigid packaging boxes with PVC windows, they make but in very low numbers.

Cardboard and Kraft comply with you in some good manners. PVC and polythene layers gel with these boxes. Though you can have cardboard and Kraft in varying densities. You can have them in lightweight and heavy magnitude. But as these materials are not dense in comparison to rigid by any means. They have less aptitude for weightiness. Thus, when Packaging Suppliers paste the PVC layer into them then it becomes just like a part of these boxes.

  • Window Size According to the Box

It is better to know the size of the window before making one. Custom window box packaging demands a sublime balance in its making. Many people make big windows in the front panels of their boxes. Sometimes they make windows so big that it covers the whole panel. Bigger windows shorten the life of the boxes at times. The sole job of window boxes is not only the display of the products. As they have to carry the products as well. So, it is always better to give the appropriate margin to all four sides of the window.

Because you have to make them sturdy. You have to give a long life to these boxes. If you make bigger windows then you get a little space to paste the polythene or PVC layers to these boxes. Small window cutouts make the box panel sturdier. Sometimes, while shipping, products can be collapsed with the window panel. So, if your window panel is big then the weight of the product can tear or damage the polythene window panel. That is why I have seen OXO Packaging always suggests the size of the window very wisely.

  • Window Style is Also Important

Die-cut machines have made it very easy for you to have windows in multiple styles. As packaging companies cut the windows through machines so they can give any shape to them. You can try hexagonal, heart, rectangular, squarer, or any other shape for your custom window packaging boxes. Windows adorn the boxes. Simple square shape windows also fulfill their tasks appropriately. People see them. And see the products through them. They can easily have ideas about their desired product. Hence, technically only a squarer window is enough but you can do a lot more with them.

Sometimes you need a particular shape of window packaging boxes. You can get this shape by making a different type of window. You can understand it by conceiving some different forms. If you make a heart shape window it can have a different visual effect than a square shape window. Let’s take the example of a chocolate window packaging box. If you make a simple square window then you can attract your customers right away. But if you make a heart shape window then it gives an altogether different feel to the box. It gives a jolly and lovely feel to the box.

Different shapes of windows apply in separate manners. If you are selling some baby products then obviously you experiment with the window styles. And baby products give you the freedom to think out of the box. You don’t have to stick with a single or specific window theme. Here you can do a lot more than the existing trends. You can make oval, Hexagonal Boxes, or heart shape windows for such boxes. Actually, it is the product that tells by itself what type of window you need for the boxes. If it is an automobile product then a simple squarer window is enough for you. But if it is a food or some baby product, i.e., toys, bubble gums, etc. then you can have windows in any of the desired shapes.

  • What to Choose Between PVC and Polythene?

The first thing you can understand is that both PVC and polythene sheets are transparent. They both are waterproof. PVC is a bit sturdier than polythene. When it comes to the fire-resistant factor of both sheets then PVC has more life. Polythene melts rapidly when you take it close to the fire. But PVC has much more temperature resistance than polythene. So, if you are selling your products in a warm territory then PVC is a better choice. Well, you can also sustain with polythene. As it doesn’t melt easily.

Strength is an additional factor of the PVC windows. This material makes the custom window packaging boxes more durable. If you want to have a dual-sided window box then only PVC can meet the task. Because it is stout and rugged thus it blends as the perfect panel for the window boxes. Its husky and durable surface makes a tremendous box. But if you want to have a single panel window box then polythene is a good choice. It perfectly displays the products. And it is fine for a one-panel pasting.

  • What is the Weight of Your Product?

You should also give a look at your product’s weight. If your product is hefty and you have to ship it as far away places carefully look at the windows. Long-distance shipping is always a matter of concern for the products. As sometimes, heavy products can wreck the PVC or polythene layers. Packaging companies meticulously make window box packaging for heavier products.

You can place inserts for these products in the boxes. Inserts not only protect your products from shipping damages but also increase the shelf life of your custom window packaging boxes.So, window packaging boxes have a big chunk of the retail market. I will keep writing about it. Catch you soon. Cheers!

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