5 Pros of Using Custom Paper Bags in Food Packaging

2022-10-12 11:47:37

using paper bags

If I start writing about the benefits of Paper Bags, I won’t be able to stop. There are plenty of reasons to help you understand the significance of utilising paper bags for your business. One of the main reasons for using Paper Bag instead of plastic bags is environmental protection.

Because plastic bags are made of a material that is difficult to degrade, the environmental problem is exacerbated. At present, many countries are introducing policies to encourage organisations to use Paper Bags rather than plastic bags. People are less likely to use plastic bags as they gain more environmental awareness. In this article, we will share some benefits of using paper bags.

Top Advantages of Paper Bag Packaging

Convenience and brand visibility are both provided by Paper Packaging. Additional advantages include product protection and simplicity of stacking. Along with the ease with which products can display their distinctive packaging and graphics to tell a brand's story.


Paper Bags can make us feel more comfortable while shopping. It reduces the pressure on our hands. That’s why the use of paper bag packaging is becoming more popular now. Paper Bags are the best choice for both personal use and the environment as a whole.

Here are some stunning benefits of Paper Bag Packaging

  • Toughness
  • Environmental protection
  • Natural resource preservation
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  • Economical

Let's Go into Detail


Traditional bags are easy to break. If you want to make it stronger, you have to increase your production costs. Because of their strength, wear resistance, solidity, and durability, portable paper sacks will be a good solution to this issue.

Additionally, higher-grade paper bags have additional qualities such as waterproof functionality and an attractive appearance. No doubt, the price of paper sacks is higher than traditional plastic bags, but the value of these bags is much higher. OXO Packaging paper bags are durable, sturdy, and cost-effective.

Environmental Protection

The environment is impacted by all industries. The environmental effects of the manufacturing process can be measured with Life Cycle Assessment. Global warming is one of these effects. A Swedish environmental research institute conducted research on greenhouse gas emissions from the production of paper bags and plastic bags.

According to the research, Paper Bags are fully manufactured with eco-friendly materials, which have the least impact on the environment. On the other hand, plastic bags are made from regenerated ethylene macromolecules, which are much more harmful to the atmosphere.

As we know, environmental awareness is higher than ever in the modern era. So, paper sacks will be a social trend. Again, back to the point, we create paper bags with amazing features, including high tear resistance, durability, and environmental friendliness.

Keeping Natural Resources

The fact that Custom Paper Bags are created from unbleached, recycled kraft paper helps preserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, it's time to start using paper bags made from sustainable materials.  OXO Packaging guarantees eco-friendly paper bags and is a leading unit in the field of recycled paper in Australia. Our paper bags are hygienic and protect your food from harmful chemicals.


If you are a good manufacturer of food but you don't advertise it in the market, then how can people know about your brand? For this, Custom Paper Bags can be a great tool for advertising.  They can be printed in different sizes, colours, patterns, and other ways. These bags are also known as mobile advertising bags.

We provide high-grade and beautiful design with beautiful pictures of food that enhances your company’s reputation. You can customise paper bags with brand names, logos, and other important information about food.

Maintain Refreshness

The biggest challenge for food manufacturers is to protect their food items from getting stale. Paper Bag Packaging is best for packing various food items. They are waterproof and keep the food safe from moisture. Paper bags should be solid enough to hold the weight of your products. It keeps your food items fresh. The product's attractive packaging draws customers and boosts sales.

Paper Bags Vs Plastic Bags

Regarding the use of plastic bags and Paper Bags, different people have different views. We came up with the pros and cons to help you make up your mind and give you a balanced opinion. That will be helpful to your business as you search for the best product packaging.

Paper Bags

Plastic Bags


is harmful to the environment.

100 Percent Bio-Degradable

Decomposition Takes 1,000 Years


Can’t be reused

Safe for both kids and pets

Dangerous to Marine and Wild Life and Contaminate Food Sources

Durable and Fashionable

Old Fashioned

Easily recyclable

Hard to Recycle

Safe and Easy to carry

Not safe to carry heavy products

Wholesale Paper Bag Prices

Australia's growing need for Wholesale Paper Bags has led manufacturers to produce high-quality bags at competitive prices. All of your products are safe for use, and the paper bags are made entirely of recyclable materials.

Cardboard and Kraft Material

The right material selection is crucial for your packaging. Two materials are best for Custom Paper Bags.

  • Cardboard Bags
  • Kraft Bags

Let's go into more detail about how to make paper bags using both types of materials.

  • Cardboard Bags

For many years, and still to this date, brand owners have always given Cardboard Boxes top priority for packaging. For example, medicines, cosmetics, toys, food, electronics, and many others come in brown boxes, which are made up of cardboard material. Almost 80% of sales products are packed in different types of cardboard boxes such as paperboard, kraft etc.

  • Kraft Paper Bags

Most people have an understanding that most packaging is made from cardboard material.Kraft packaging is also used on a wide range. Although this is not exactly true, cardboard packs are also frequently associated with Kraft Packaging. They are commonly used for many things, but kraft boxes are more solid than cardboard. It is used to carry heavy products.

Companies are using both of these materials in their product packaging. Any box made out of kraft material is, however, an ideal choice for the packing of bulky as well as fragile items. Kraft paper is a great material for paper bag production.

Kraft paper's biodegradable qualities make it a great material for eco-friendly paper bags. Kraft packaging also has great strength and the ability to support heavy objects, which is another great advantage. Customised kraft paper bags are excellent for your business.

You can select the material for your custom paper bags according to your product weight. Kraft paper is best for heavy items. On the other hand, cardboard stock is fantastic for products that are light in weight. Kraft paper and cardboard both promote environmental sustainability. Cardboard only has a lack of strength compared to kraft paper. Cardboard cannot support as much weight as kraft paper. Cardboard paper bags are good for your product packaging.

Can you Print on Paper Bags?

There are endless customisation possibilities. You can print directly on Paper Bags. Both inkjet and laser printers are capable of printing on kraft paper. You can print realistic images and artwork on cardboard bags.

Which Paper is Best for Paper Bags?

Kraft and cardboard paper are two famous materials used for manufacturing Custom Paper Bags. Both are best for your food and other items. Cardboard can be used for light weight products and kraft for heavy products.


Custom paper bags are made of eco friendly material. They are sturdy, durable, and biodegradable. These boxes are 100 percent recyclable and best for food items. These bags protect your food products from dust and retain their quality for a long time.

In order to attract prospects, the packaging must be made more appealing because the way it looks can influence people to buy and use the product. Order them in a range of shapes and sizes with your company's logo printed on premium materials. They are an important branding factor to engage more people and grow your sales.

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