7 Booming Features of Bath Bomb Boxes

2022-04-29 05:08:52

Bath Bomb Packaging Australia

Right now, the temperature is almost 20 C in Sydney. Humidity is not much either. I was thinking a lot. What to write today? Then the train of my thoughts stopped at a junction. Why not bath bomb packaging? Let me tell you, personally. I love the fluffy, round softballs like bath bombs.

I think my shower is always incomplete without them. Some little things make your moments memorable.

Similarly, I feel bath bombs make a bath an event to remember. Is it too much? I don't think so because I'm a fan of them. In this writing piece, you will know how to make a sturdy, elegant, and long-lasting bath bomb box. The following contents can increase your knowledge base in this regard. 

  • Inspiring and Innovative Design
  • Tremendous Typography and Fonts
  • A Cheerful and Jubilant Designer
  • A Matching Material 
  • Making it More Robust
  • Some Prominent Add-ons
  • Delightful Die-Cutting Designs

Inspiring and Innovative Design

Graphic design is the crucial structure of any box. But when it comes to Bath Bomb Boxes, I wouldn't say I like ordinary, dull, or tedious textures. I like them joyous, vigorous, and to be vibrant. After all, these are my favorite bath bombs. What do you think about the design patterns of these kinds of boxes?

Look! The color scheme is essential for them. How you use and glorify the color on them makes all the difference. I want to feel the same delight at watching a bath bomb box that I feel while using it. 

Tremendous Typography and Fonts

It is a subtle key point indeed. Color patterns do make an impact. But the wise use of typography and intelligent utilization of fonts make the box even better. Only color textures cannot make a difference unless they are used coherently and stylishly. Here fonts, etc., help you a lot.

Then with the help of designing Software, we can embellish them more. I assume the bath bomb packaging should be cute. It should not be loud. And its fonts also should not be too enormous in their appearance. A sweet touch is much more appropriate while designing a bath bomb box.

A Cheerful and Jubilant Designer

I think now you could connect with this point. First, we discussed blissful colors, then there were fonts, and now it's a designer. The designer; that we need. We need a designer with a bright and triumphant mind to make bath bomb boxes. That can sketch the essence and fun of bath bombs on the boxes.

Because design such a box requires high spirits, motivation, smiles, and a lot of sense of amusement. You are not designing an ordinary box. It is the bath bomb box, folks! If it is not appealing and exquisitely eye-catching, there is no need to design it.

If it is related to sanitary products, an eye-grabber box is a must. We are lucky that at OXO Packaging, we have some lunatic designers who gleefully design these bath bomb boxes. 

A Matching Material 

Then comes the choice of materials. What kind of paper do you want to use to safeguard the bath bombs? Well, there are some prominent choices. Let me elaborate a bit about them coherently.

  • Kraft

Kraft is one of the most used materials worldwide. It is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and pretty cost-effective too. Let me share an essential sale tip of Kraft Boxes; if you are doing an online sales business of bath bomb boxes, use the Kraft material to sell these spherical balls. 

Ok, let me tell you there is a bit of a hitch involved with the Kraft. You cannot apply too many colors because it is brown in its default color. So, technically it cannot print CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) colors on it. CMYK is a printing machine that makes it possible to print real-life picture quality on paper.

But if you don't have much budget, you don't need the four-color offset printing. You can play with one, two, or three colors. Again! The sensible use of art design can make a difference even with minimum colors. 

  • Cardboard

To me, cardboard paper is the king of packaging. It is a little sturdier than Kraft. And it is white. What is the benefit of white color? White color cardboard comes up splendidly with CMYK and all the Pantone colors (These are unique and specific colors that are made by precise mixing of colors and can be found in a "Color Swatch book").

It gives you the perfect picture quality of your bath bombs on the boxes. The fonts look good. The colors look real. Everything on the cardboard looks genuine. 

Another alluring point; it is also cost-effective. It is not heavy on your pockets. And it is also effortless to ship it. Similar to Kraft, it is less in weight. We make them. We make them in bulk. We ship them flat, unconstructed. When the shipment comes to your doorstep, you make ready the box with your bare hands.

So, if you can invest a little more, I would only suggest you go with cardboard. It will never disappoint you. It will get you more customers with splendid print results. 

  • Rigid

This is the sturdiest material for the boxes. These are also called handmade luxury boxes. These setup boxes are usually made by chipboard. These boxes are engineered with some precise skillset. And it takes a bit of time to make them. The biggest challenge to consistently delivering these Display Boxes is their shipping.

Because once these boxes are made and finalized, they become in a setup form. They are fully ready to use. We cannot unfold them. So, if we have to deliver them in Brisbane, they will go in the ready-to-use form. Hence, you would have to pay a lot of shipping charges for them.

But in many cases, the shipping cost does not matter. Because usually, hotels and restaurants prefer to have rigid boxes for their bath bombs. 

Making it More Robust

Do you want that your bath bomb packaging not to get easily torn? Make it laminated. Lamination is a constructive way to increase the shelf life of your bath bomb boxes. Lamination is a thin plastic layer that is coated on these boxes. Sticky glue is used to join the plastic sheet on the paper surface. This weak and lean layer almost doubles the life of the box.

And it looks beautiful. Lamination can be of two types, i.e., gloss lamination and matte lamination. Gloss will give your box a shiny look. On the contrary, matte lamination has a soft feel. Both look spectacular. What kind of plastic sheet you want on your box is your choice.  

Some Prominent Add-ons

You should glorify your box with spot UV, which is not a very old invention of the print world; you should use it. By the word "spot," you can understand a lot. This technique highlights some specific words, logos, or pictures on the boxes. A special varnish is used. Ultraviolet light hardens it in a specific area.

Then those jargons or symbols start glowing. And they sparkle significantly on the box. Hence the box gets a unique feel. Foil printing makes your box luxurious.

It does not take much expense of yours. But it adores the box to the next level. Foil printing can be applied in many colors, i.e., green, red, blue, etc., but gold and silver are amongst the top-rated colors. Sometimes only a single foil color creates the impact that four colors of CMYK together cannot bring that charm to the product box.

It's how you tend to design. I even sometimes recommend to some of our clients only go with foil, i.e., the product name in the foil printing and necessary details in any other single color. So, these are two colors, i.e., one foil and one Pantone color. That's it!

Delightful Die-Cutting Designs

A box is always eventually constructed with the help of a die-cut process. Die-cut is an old mechanism for cutting and forming the boxes, tags, stickers, etc., how we give custom shapes to the packaging. Now, why not try a bit different dimension for your box?

There are a lot of magnitudes and shapes of bath bomb boxes. Squares, octagons, hexagons, cubes, pentagons, rectangles, etc. 

I would strongly suggest you try something different. Something unique this time! Go for some extraordinary box proportions. We cannot do a lot of appealing dimension experiments with Soap Packaging Boxes. But we can do a lot with bath bomb packaging boxes by remaining within our limitations.

Thus, we can get some enticing and picturesque results. Hope you would have liked these some points to have splendid bath bomb boxes. Ok, until then, Hasta la vista!

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