Benefits of Exquisite and Customised Candle Boxes

2022-06-08 06:31:39

customised candle boxes

Had a long day? What better way to blow off some steam than lighting up a candle and listening to some soothing music. The calming scent of the candle lingering around just gives you a whole new sense of life. Being a candle business owner, we know you would completely agree with us. 

Custom Candle Box Packaging

There’s something that is an integral part of every business. It is a brilliant way to make your product the center of your customer's attention and increase your sales. It is a splendid and stunning Custom-made Candle Box! Were you intrigued to find out the answer?

Well, being the smartest person in the room, we know you had already guessed it. So, are you looking for ideas for your Candle Box Packaging? If yes, then your worries end here. Because we have got you! 

5 Benefits of Candle Boxes

Back in the day, people were not very focused on the packaging of their products. Mainly because it wasn’t a millennial era. These days, we only judge a book by its cover. The cover of your product is its packaging. Precisely, it is the factor that will upgrade the whole idea of your brand.

  • Shields your Product

For some reason, Candle Packaging is no more a choice, but mandatory. First and foremost, packaging saves your product from any risk of breaking. If you have a glass covering around your candle, it can increase the risk of product tampering. Candles business owners know how delicate their product is, and that is why it needs utmost care and supervision.

This extra care and supervision in exactly what we provide you through our Custom-made Candle Boxes. You would be surprised to know that the first Cardboard Packaging was shipped in 1903. Hence, you can trace the history of packaging from decades ago. 

  • Helps you Stand Out

The best way to market your product is by following the right marketing strategies. So far, custom-made packaging has proven to be the best tool for the better promotion of your product. Custom Packaging Australia brings a class to your product. Every brand has a back story. This back story helps your brand to connect with your customer.

For your customers to like your product, you need to come up with a meaningful logo. Something that shows the true story of your brand. Branding with the perfect logo on the box sends out a very important message to your customers. It shows them that you care and it also increase your brand awareness.

  • Saves you Money

We don’t work to make Custom Packaging a burden for you. Instead, we make sure that this process turns out to be hassle-free for you. When you opt for custom packaging, your box ultimately becomes the identity of your product. So, you work on the product and we work on its packaging.

We make packaging for you as affordable as we can. At OXO Packaging, we provide you with free shipping services all over Australia. Our production crew ensures that the packaging material is of high quality. We do use high-quality material to make Candle Boxes, but for you, we keep the rates low.

  • Draws your Customer’s Attention

We live in a world ruled by social media. We have a number of content creators working all over the world. Through these content creators, you can publicize your candles. But they also have set a standard for brand promotion. Beautiful packaging around your candle will most certainly grab their attention.

Always choose colors that go well with the color of your candle. If it is a strawberry-scented candle, maybe you can order the packaging in a vibrant red color. The camera and the people behind the camera are always looking for things that are captivating. That’s why you need to play with colors, and choose a color that narrates a message.

  • Best Fit for your Product

One of the humongous benefits of Customised Candle Boxes is that the packaging is made according to the measurements of your product. You have to take care of every small and large detail when you truly want the best for your customer. The perfection in mundane details shows the customers that you care about them.

The perfect packaging is the one that fits your product in a way that there’s no space for padding-left. Your candles also stay put in such boxes. If it's a box that is bigger than the size of your Candle Box, then there’s a higher probability of product damage. In the perfect fitted box, shipping also becomes hassle-free.

Types of Custom Candle Packaging

We provide a number of designs to make your Candle Box Packaging stand out. These are the designs that can help your brand get another level of recognition. We have mentioned some of the designs here for your reference. 

  • Custom Candle Boxes with Inserts

Inserts add value to your product. We make inserts keeping in view the size of your candle. These inserts can be used by your customers to put your product on the display. The customer can use these inserts in the long run. 

  • Custom Jar Candle Boxes

Our Custom Jar Candle Boxes are always in demand. The beautiful printing works out really well with your candle design. Specifically, when your brand logo gets printed on the packaging, it elevates its style. 

  • Custom Pyramid Boxes

Pyramid Candles Boxes come in fascinating styles. They can be made in a variety of colors, according to your choice. They come with many additional options including die-cut, gluing, scored, and perforation. Our variety of designs doesn’t end here. To explore your options, you can contact our customer support.


Pick a design that will inspire your customers. Create a story or convey a message, but make your client connect with you. If you want to make a mark in the candle business market, then waste no time and make your first order for Custom Candles Packaging. We can help you in making an impression that will last forever!

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