Custom Cosmetic Boxes For A Remarkable Branded Look

2021-09-21 12:26:46

Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Whether the product is shampoo, makeup, or skincare, your brand will need classic, stylish, practically feasible, and contemporary custom cosmetic boxes, fitting your item perfectly. Packages must be crafted to the exact specifications of the product, so you face no inconvenience.

Cosmetics is all about beauty, and so does the wrapping. With attractive packaging, you can create a memorable first impression. And always remember:

Beauty is in the details! Be detail-oriented and let your custom-printed boxes bring more and more customers. If you want your clients to look and feel perfect with your cosmetics, provide them with the finest packaging. Get your company’s name and logo, impressive visuals and graphics, striking patterns, and heart-touching taglines imprinted on your boxes.

Make an Artistic Cosmetic Box Design with OXO Packaging!

OXO Packaging is committed to designing your box with care and love. The quality of our custom packaging will surely turn heads your way. We provide uniquely shaped Custom Cosmetic Boxes that are mainly designed as per the customer favorites. We are offering a wide range of custom packaging that will make your consumers come to buy more.

Take advantage of our elite custom capabilities and top-notch box structures to style a box that oozes confidence!

We design every box, keeping durability, style, and quality in mind. Our skilled team can produce packaging unique enough to change the face of your brand. OXO Packaging goes beyond just luxury cosmetic packaging. It is about sustainable designs, too.

Get a Marketing Edge in Retail with Eye-Getting Custom Cosmetic Boxes

It is time to dazzle your customers with versatile Custom Makeup Boxes. After all, investing in stunning custom makeup packaging will pay you off in countless ways. Feel free to customize your boxes with monograms or initials to give a matchless personalized touch.

Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes having attractive designs and patterns will catch the purchaser's eyes in the store immediately. Never let any opportunity pass by!

Types of Cosmetic Packaging

  • One-piece Fold & Seal Boxes

Suitable for smaller items that include lipsticks, nail varnishes, eye pallets, lip gloss, etc. They are space-saving boxes that offer easy storage and portability. With the minimum wastage, it works without glue and any other additional parts. Perfect for giving a neat and presentable look but unfortunately, it cannot offer satisfying protection.

  • Two-piece Fold & Seal Boxes

This box can be wrapped around multiple items. Its folding is a time-consuming process but worth the effort as you will be getting excellent protection for the contents. It features an additional flap or layer offering extra security.

  • A Three-piece Box

Used for protecting larger and heavier products (perfumes, hair color bottles, moisturizers, cleansers, etc.), it comes with two base parts glued together once the product is placed inside. It offers the maximum level of sustenance and stability.

Stunning Customizations Made To Cardboard Packaging

Yes, you do have the liberty to choose any material, but the best choice is cardboard. Cardboard cosmetic packaging having a corrugated layout offers safety to delicate products. The way it provides exceptional protection ensures that your product is delivered intact and safe. It fits even the tiny budget. The best point is, the cardboard is also recyclable.

Innovation Leads to New and Attractive Packaging Boxes

One of the most effective ways to boost your lipstick, mascara, eyeliners, and all other products sale is to have a nifty packaging that looks engaging, as well. With inspiring artwork, your product will glow up. The solution to getting satisfactory and gorgeous custom packaging is adding worth by using your creative minds.

You need to invest your time, effort, and resources in making your custom cosmetic boxes user-friendly and valuable enough not to get discarded.

Make your package useful by entering essential details in the right spot, which is easily visible. Even if you are not a pro at designing, you should combine the latest textures with trending colors. Keep the sophistication alive by choosing subtle embellishments such as ribbon, tassels, metallic accents, or foil. But always choose the decorative textures according to the color scheme.

  • Custom Display Packaging Boxes

Having a stylish die-cut style added to your simple custom-printed boxes can bring a new attraction. Window patches are the catchy customization option to enhance display appeal, especially custom lipstick boxes. OXO Packaging has ravishing customization options in the box styles, sizes, prints, and designs. Our team will benefit you in creating one of a kind package in an irresistible format.