Custom Pillow Boxes A Strategic Brand Promotion Tool

2021-12-31 10:22:09

Custom Pillow Boxes

In the packaging industry, it is the uniqueness and quality of boxes that ultimately are of primary concern. The principle of unique package designs has spawned new ideas and inventiveness. This is also how custom pillow boxes are manufactured as it is their unique design and attractive texture that becomes the center of attention. 

One reason people prefer Custom Pillow Boxes over conventional packaging is that these boxes, which come in a variety of forms, sizes, and textures, have a clean appearance, are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and can be used for a variety of reasons.

Pillow boxes are ideal for giving a gift to your lover or storing little delicate decorations or diamonds in your collection. When choosing a perfect packaging present for Valentine's, birthday, or your anniversary, there truly is a no better option than the delicate custom pillow boxes. 

OXO Packaging is a market-leading name when it comes to manufacturing high-quality, pressure-resistant, and highly customizable pillow box packaging. This is because the boxes we manufacture are made out of highly sustainable material i.e. cardstock and Kraft and when the element of customization is added to it, it increases the beauty of the package multiple folds. 

Why Material Matters?

Material is almost everything that matters in producing a reliable and long-lasting packaging box. This is because the packaging needs to be sturdy enough to manage environmental pressures occurring while shipment. 

Plastic and thin packaging boxes are not a reliable option in modern times as customers tend to keep an eye on the resilience of the packaging box which holds their valuable items. Therefore the right packaging material for Window Pillow Boxes needs to be free of plastic lamination and at the same time, the texture should be resistant to withstand pressures. The commonly preferred material for custom pillow boxes are,

  • Cardboard is manufactured from easily recyclable plant resources.

  • Kraft paper (because it is biodegradable paper extracted from wood pulp and is strong enough to maintain shelf life for a long time). 

  • Corrugated cardboard adds strength to the Pillow box, allowing it to maintain its shape and keep the contents inside secure.

Custom Pillow Boxes and their Wide Uses

Since they have a unique shape and design with delicate finishing, customers are often confused about the use case of custom pillow boxes. Pillow boxes can also be used to package perishable foods for sale in supermarkets. These may be used at home to keep tiny buttons or in the kitchen as pulse holders.

They can also be used in professional settings to arrange crucial files and papers in chronological order. 

Aside from the above-mentioned uses, custom pillow boxes are widely used as a perfect gift packaging for any sort of event such as birthday, valentine or your anniversary. They are so delicate that when used as a gift material they add a plus point to your gift and make it memorable in the eyes of your beloved one.

Finally, the major use case of custom pillow boxes is in grocery stores where hundreds of products require these packages to enhance their beauty and outreach which is the reason every grocery store has plenty of them. 

  • Customization is Must

To boost the outreach of custom pillow boxes, they are usually customized in a variety of ways. You may create the box using various printing techniques and die-cut it to any size. The plastic window on the front of Custom Pillow Boxes Wholesale offers the impression of transparent packing.

These windows act as a gateway through which customers can peek at the product they are about to purchase. This is not even enough. With customization, you can add colorful ribbons and cards on the front that give the packaging a perfect finishing touch.

Large and small pillow boxes are available on the market. It allows shops to have professional packaging that looks fantastic on the shelves. Furthermore, it is very simple to package! The product is right there in the form of the tip of a seal slit. It eliminates the need for time-consuming unpacking and repacking.

  • These boxes give you enough space to play with designs and you can add to your printing even in high resolution.

  • Ribbons are necessary. They are the first thing your gift recipient will see so don’t miss them in any case. Red and white colored ones look fantastic and things start to take steep turns if maximum colors are ought to be added. 

  • Vibrant Printing Options 

Since the texture of Kraft is sturdy enough to retain its shape and at the same time, it provides businesses an opportunity to add the prints of their choice. In customization, printing is probably the first thing customers are looking for when they opt for custom pillow boxes. 

The texture of Kraft and corrugated cardstock can easily host printing of any sort of color and any size. The vibrant printing can also be used to magnify the outreach of one’s brand as a magnified branding logo carefully printed cannot be ignored in any case.

Therefore a vibrant and unique printing that reflects patterns can increase the beauty of Window Pillow Boxes. These factors increase brand awareness thus helping in generating more sales and customers trust. 

  • Custom Pillow Boxes Wholesale 

The trend of custom pillow boxes wholesale is catching a tremendous amount of attention because they are cost-effective and customers don’t have to order again and again for a few boxes. OXO packaging’s wholesale pillow packaging deals are very affordable as it decreases the average cost of the box when a customer goes ahead with the wholesale purchase. 

These deals are available in an array of designs, colors and even customers can get customized pillow boxes in bulk as we deal in big quantities without causing additional financial burden on the pockets of our valuable customers. 

Go Green

The core material used to make these customizable and visually appealing pillow boxes is eco-friendly and highly sustainable. On one hand, Kraft is biodegradable and on the other one cardstock is recyclable which means that upon disposal they don’t leave any sort of negative environmental impacts.

Feel free to inquire about our products by writing to us. You will get the packaging order at your doorstep and no delivery fee will be charged within Australia.