How Secure is Custom Packaging for Toys? Let's Figure it Out!

2022-10-12 16:11:43

custom packaging for toys

Toys are very precious things and a lifeline for kids. When they go out to the market or other places, they want to find something to play with. In the market, they rush towards the shelves to pick up the playable items. Kids are constantly on the go, so marketers only have a short span opportunity to attract their attention. Custom printed toy boxes are a good choice to grab the attention of kids.

These boxes have beautiful pictures of flowers, cartoons, and other beautiful characters to establish the connection between them and the toys inside. Beautiful and eye catchy printing develops affiliation with the toys. Die cut window paly a vital role to let the kids see inside the box for the better perception about toys.

Secure Packaging for your Toys

One of the biggest problems that toy manufacturers are facing is damage. When they are sending their toys to other states or countries, their products get damaged during shipment. This results in them losing money and wasting their time on reproduction.

OXO Packaging toy boxes will put all these concerns to rest. Our Custom Toy Boxes give extra protection to your toys from any breakage and minimise your monetary loss. Toy boxes are manufactured with a coating to resist dust and help in increasing the life span of the toy products. Furthermore, this coating prevents the toy box from getting dirty.

It is difficult to hold heavy toys in low-quality packaging. Our Custom Toy Box hold the toys tightly and ensure the safety of your product shipment.

Custom Toy Packaging Will let Your Customers Surprise the Kids

Kids do not attach easily to everyone. Their favourites are those who give them presents. The custom packaging with the pictures of the inside item will minimize the buyers' time and help them make a quick buying decision. This will ultimately increase your brand level. Kids are attracted to shiny things. We create Toy Box Packaging with a beautiful and alluring design that captures the kids' attention.

How Can Custom Packaging Be Helpful for Kids in Learning?

Gifts are for specific days; they can be given to kids on their birthdays, special occasions, and at family gatherings. Your customers will be able to see how your toy will help their child learn something by looking at Custom Printed Toy Boxes with educational and learning instructions.

Everyone wants to give them gifts that can increase their learning. OXO Packaging Custom toy boxes are printed with letters, poems, characters,counting and animal pictures to help parents teach the kids.

The Advantages of Custom Toy Boxes

Here are Some Benefits of a Personalised Toy Box

Color and Design of Your Choice

The custom toy boxes enable you to select the design and color that will motivate your child.In addition, it allows you to choose the material and style of the boxes. 

Used for a Variety of Purposes

The toys' beauty lies in both their design and the boxes that they come in. Custom toy boxes are not only designed for their protection but also enhance their attractiveness.

Attract More Customers

When your product packaging is good, it attracts more customers. The appealing and eye catchy design of your boxes encourages your customers to take them in hand.

Boost Your Brand’s Identity

You can personalise toy boxes with your brand name, logo, and other necessary information on them. This is the best way to improve your brand's identity in the market.

Increase Sales

As a toy manufacturer, you need a strategy that will help you grow your business worldwide and increase your sales. To achieve this goal, you must improve your product packaging. And replace your traditional Product Packaging with custom packaging.

Beat the Competition

In this modern world, it is difficult to beat the competition and stand out from the crowd. With the OXO Packaging, you can advertise your business in an efficient way.

Increase Engagement

You can put the child's interests in your Personalised Toy Boxes. A Toy Box can increase sales if it is well-designed and engaging. So, in this case, a Custom Toy Box can be beneficial. You may make it entertaining and interactive.

Kids Toy Storage Boxes

Toy Boxes are the containers for storing a large range of toys. The toys are visible and accessible to children. They can choose the toys of their choice to play with. Kids' toy storage boxes are manufactured in such a way that they are attractive to kids and don’t harm them.

Premium Material Used to Make Custom Toy Boxes

OXO Packaging helps you to customise the boxes to increase the outer beauty of your products. Our Kraft Boxes are sturdy, durable, and long lasting. We use bright and shiny colors that catch the attention of the children.

Children of different ages view toys through different sets of eyes, depending on how attractive they think they are. We create boxes for all ages of children with advanced and modern technology.  High quality materials are used to manufacture custom toy packaging. Which is 100 percent recyclabe and bio degradable.

Here are the Most Commonly used Stocks

  • Corrugated Toy Boxes            
  • Kraft Boxes
  • Cardboard Toy Boxes
  • Rigid Premium Boxes

Wholesale Toy Boxes Packaging

Get your Toy Box Packaging at wholesale prices. We create packaging of every shape, size, and layout. We offer error free packaging all over Australia. We are your reliable partner in the packaging industry. You can contact us for all types of packaging. We offer the most reasonable prices on the market for the complete production and delivery of the boxes. For the premium packaging, our prices are extremely affordable.

The Customized Packaging, Exactly as you Desire

To ensure that your product fits perfectly in the boxes, we start by defining its special dimensions. Explore our website to find the most suitable shape and style for your custom toy box. If you have an idea or design with you, we will create it for you.

By purchasing such distinctively designed boxes, you can create your own unique identity in the market. We promise the aesthetic appeal of our toy boxes and their quality. We assure you that whatever you pack in these boxes will be presented in the best way.

Improve your Packaging Quality

We use lamination to improve the quality of your product packaging. Various types of lamination are used ,i.e. gloss lamination,matte lamination, spot UV finishing and many more. Gloss lamination creates a shiny, glass-like appearance that brings out the color and vibrancy of the ink on a page. Matte absorbs light and makes content more visible.

If you want a modern and sophisticated look, then matte lamination is the perfect choice. The first impression of spot UV is excellent. Utilizing UV lights, it applies to a product and polishes printed material. It gives the printed product a shiny, beautiful appearance and increases safety.

What Makes Packaging Attractive?

Uniqueness is important not only in packaging but in each aspect of manufacturing. Visual attractiveness is the only way to attract the customer. Although uniqueness can appear in a variety of ways, it is necessary for packaging to offer something distinctive in order to truly appeal to consumers.

The main goal of packaging design is to create attractive packaging for products. That would also be imaginative, interesting, more modern, and self sustaining. Our designers understand the value of your brand and its identity as well as the target audience. We make the boxes by keeping this in mind that what your customers want to get out of a product. And how our packaging can help you satisfy your customers.

What is the Effect of Customise Toy Packaging in Toys Business?

Custom toy packaging helps to grow the business, increase sales, and generate high revenue.

How can Custom Toy Packaging Promote your Brand?

You can add your brand name, logo, and other information about the product.

Final Words

Packaging is not only a way of protecting the product from damage; it is also an important marketing tool. It promotes your brand organically and tells the customers about the best features of the product. Custom Toy Boxes create a lasting impression on customers.

Custom Toy Packaging is a gateway that could take your company and product to the next level. As a toy retailer, your priority is safe packaging. We guarantee your safe shipment. We provide the best Toy Boxes Packaging solutions across Australia. We offer free shipping and free samples to our customers. With our fast turnaround times, you'll receive these boxes much sooner than you think.

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