Reasons to Use Custom Stickers for Your Business

2022-10-20 17:29:47

reason to use custom stickers

Stickers are noticeable. And they can help draw people's attention. Moreover, Custom made Stickers provide constant brand exposure. They help your audience familiarise themselves with your brand. Cheap Custom Stickers are a powerful tool for business promotion.

Do you want to create Custom Stickers for your business? Then this blog will help you out with creating top-notch Stickers that can do wonders for your business.

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Some Important Reasons to Use Stickers

  • Affordable Advertising Tool
  • Raise Brand Awareness
  • Flexibility in Choosing Designs and Shapes
  • Top marketing Technique to Stand Out

 1) Affordable Advertising Tool

If you run a business, your marketing budget should be your priority. Many business owners are hesitant to implement new marketing strategies due to high costs. However, Custom Sticker Printing is less expensive than other types of marketing strategies such as online or TV advertising. That’s why I would recommend you use Custom Labels & Stickers on your products.

 2) Raise Brand Awareness

When your customers use products with your brand-specific stickers and labels on them, your brand awareness in the market is increased. The company logo or printed message on the product allows your audience to identify your brand. And this way, people can refer your brand and products to others.

 3) Flexibility in Choosing Designs and Shapes

There is no size restriction on sheet forms for Sticker Printing, and they come in small and large quantities. Stickers can be printed in any shape, including round, oval, rectangle, square, and various others. Custom die-cut Stickers are the most commonly used stickers. Furthermore, the main use of Vinyl Printing Services is in product packaging.

 4) Top Marketing Technique to Stand Out

Your company can stand out from the competition and get more leads by using customised stickers. It has been proved that Sticker Printing is a major advertising method. You can make things more interesting by placing stickers on your products. Every company needs a branding campaign to boost ROI. Stickers are a versatile technique to use as a marketing strategy.

If you’re announcing a big sale on your products, then stickers can draw the interest of customers. The Bogo sale is the best example of this. Print stickers of “buy one get one free” and put them on your products or paste them on the front of your store’s door. You’ll notice that it will attract more customers and also increase your sales.

On the other hand, to leave a lasting impression, print creative cheap Custom Labels on promotional items. Promotional items include water bottles, bags, and brochures.

How Can You Create the Best Customised Stickers?

Custom-made Stickers are used on various products packaging. Teenagers use stickers on their mobile phone cases.

Some important factors in creating the best Custom Stickers

  • Keep It Simple
  • Play With The Shape
  • Less Detail
  • Match your brand’s colours
  • Make The Text Readable
  • Use CMYK.

Keep it Simple

Stickers can’t be complicated. Even if you are creating a big one, you must keep it as simple as you can. Don’t print unnecessary details and highlight only the important ones. As this will have a good impact on your customers.

Play With The Shape

The shape is very important in designing Custom Stickers. The most commonly used shapes in stickers are squares or circles. Moreover, you can choose other shapes as well. These stickers have a professional appearance. They won’t be expensive and will help in boosting your sales.

Give Less Detail

It can be difficult to create a brand image that will last. You must ensure that the right message is being delivered to your audience at the best time and within the best context. If you add too many details to a custom made Label, it won’t be helpful for branding purposes.

It can make it harder for your stickers to stand out, and your main idea is frequently hidden behind the details. People have only a couple of seconds to read the stickers. So, put fewer details and make things easy for your customers.

Match Your Brand's Colours 

Every brand has its own identity and theme colours. The theme colour of their logo remains consistent. If they design their Custom Packaging Boxes and stickers in the same colour, it will be more appealing to the customers' eyes. Additionally, it will strengthen your brand image in the market.

Make the Text Readable

Readability is a significant factor in the design. If the written text is easily readable, it will increase customer satisfaction. How can the text be made easier to read? Text can be made to be more readable by placing a simple shape beneath it. Use the colour that highlights your written text.

Use CMYK Technique

When creating Custom Labels, make sure to use the CMYK colour technique. The reason is that printing requires these four colours to create an image. Because RGB colours produced in digital space do not produce the same results when printed physically. The majority of printing businesses refuse straight-forward printing in RGB. So follow the CMYK technique from the beginning to save time.

Choose Quality Material, High-End Finishing & Add-ons 

Stickers are made of two types of material: vinyl and paper.

custom stickers

Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl Custom Made Labels are waterproof. They are the best way to promote your business. They are created by using high-quality printing techniques. They are resistant to fading and are also easily removable without leaving any trace. These features of Vinyl Stickers make them ideal. These are perfect for long-term use.

Paper Sticker

Paper stickers are made of thin sheets. They are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. The following is a list of some of these Cheap Stickers' crystal features. 

  • Extremely thin materials are used.
  • They enhance the finish quality, especially on packaged products and boxes. 
  • Matte and gloss lamination can be used.

Gloss and Matte Lamination

Lamination is used to enhance the quality of Customised Stickers. Both glossy and matte laminations are used. Gloss lamination gives your custom stickers a glass-like appearance that brings out the colour and vibrancy of the ink. Matte lamination gives a sophisticated, smooth, and natural look to stickers. The choice is yours.


In the above, I have mentioned all the important reasons for using Customised Stickers. And also how you can create quality, Cheap Printed Labels. I am sure this blog will be helpful in both understanding the advantages of stickers and creating them. Do you have another idea? Let me know so I can update this post.

I'll update this blog if anything changes in the future regarding Custom Stickers. OXO Packaging creates Quality Stickers for you at a reasonable price. Contact us now to get a free quote on our prices and turnaround time.

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