Ultimate Guide to Choose Cardboard Box Styles

2022-10-13 16:52:48

cardboard board styles

Any item has an elegant and eye catchy look just because of its packaging styles and designs. If your packaging design is not good, it will not attract the desired audience. Your item will prove its worth with its beautiful packaging. Moreover, if you use the same design and style of packaging, people will get bored and it may cause you to lose the customer.

As you know, the competition is getting higher and higher on a daily basis. How can you beat it and stand out in the market? It’s not an easy task, but with the use of the latest styles and trends in packaging, you can achieve this.

Several Styles of Cardboard Boxes

Many countries have banned plastic materials. Businesses are looking for an alternative material to comply with packaging solutions. The use of recyclable and bio-degradable material is the best solution to this.

Die cut Window

A custom die-cut window is a unique design of Cardboard Boxes. It provides an adorable and modified shape for the packaging. Cardboard die-cut window boxes help to increase your product's demand in the market. Get quality window die boxes in order to enjoy the feeling of innovation in the appearance of your product packaging. These boxes are perfect for showing off your products inside.

Pillow Boxes

It’s time to pack your products or gifts in highly sophisticated Pillow Boxes. These containers can be customised and printed to any size. Send us the design specifications, we will crate accordingly.

Cardboard Window Container

These boxes are a little different from die-cut window boxes. These boxes contain a single window on them rather than die-cut windows made in various shapes and with many cuts. The cardboard boxes are specially used in the packaging of grocery items, cosmetics, gifts, wallets, perfumes, candies, chocolates, etc. Window-style boxes are created to meet the customers' requirements. We create Custom Window Boxes that your customers will love.

Custom Soap Sleeves

The majority of customers purchase products based on their outlook. Our color guide is mind-blowing and appeals to more customers at first sight. Custom soap boxes are also known as 2-piece boxes. It has an interior box that resembles a drawer. Soap is kept on the sleeve.

This sleeve can slide out from the outer shell. Our specially created die-cut window sleeve soap boxes would display soap products sold collectively in a very exceptional way.

Gable Boxes

Most gable boxes are created with cardboard. These boxes' printing follows the CMYK pattern. They have a handle on the top to lift the products. They are easy to carry products. These mostly flat boxes come in flat packets that take up less storage space and are easily assembled.

Industries Use Cardboard Boxes

The use of cardboard boxes is high and rising on a daily basis. Here are some industries that use cardboard packaging.

  • Beauty
  • Grocery
  • Consumer Products
  • Gifts
  • Electronics

Here are some detail of where these industries use cardboard packaging:


Cosmetics packaging requires extra panache, grace, and beauty. The reason is that these products enhance beauty. Ordinary packaging cannot increase the quality of items. It is necessary to use Custom Packaging Boxes. Cardboard boxes are used for several beauty products that are.

  • Serum boxes
  • Lip balm boxes
  • Lotion boxes
  • Lipstick boxes
  • Foundation Boxes
  • Eyeliner Boxes
  • Hair Extension
  • Body spray


In order to get people to purchase food, influence is necessary. Packaging enhances the dish's allure. Food packaging must be secure enough to keep food safe from the weather. And maintain the aroma and freshness for a long. Cardboard boxes maintain the hygiene of food items and prevent them from dust. Several products are stored in these boxes.

  • Noodles
  • Bakery items
  • Chinese
  • Chocolates
  • Cereal

Consumer Products

Cardboard boxes are used in daily life. In consumer products, they use to pack the following products:

  • Candle boxes
  • Soap boxes


It's a common thing to give gifts and a trend forever. People give gifts to their loved ones for showing love. They exchange gifts on special occasions. A gift is a precious thing and it must be packed in luxury boxes. Cardboard gift boxes enhance the value of gifts and give an elegant look.

  • Jewellery 
  • Wristwatches
  • Sweets
  • Chocolates
  • Christmas gifts
  • Birthday gifts
  • Wedding gifts

Many other gift items are packed in these boxes.

Different Printing Styles for Cardboard Boxes

Printing used in packaging refers to any procedure that results in the branding or aesthetic enhancement of paper, paperboard, or cardboard goods intended for use as packaging, enclosures, wrappings, or boxes.

Digital Printing

Accuracy and poor quality of colors are the difficulties faced during the process of printing on packaging. As a result of these challenges, one of the biggest trends in the printing industry is the use of digital printing. It does not need separate printing plates for offset and flexo printing. Moreover, digital printing is less time-consuming because it prints all the content in a single pass.

Digital printing has the least impact on the environment because it does not require a prepress process or additional labeling. It reduces waste and inventory requirements. It enables brands to create customized packaging to appeal to various consumers with a fast turnaround time.

3D Printing

3D printing is also a developing industry trend that enables businesses to quickly innovate their packaging and create prototypes. It offers freedom of design to designers and empowers them to produce high-quality custom cardboard boxes.

Finishing Options for Cardboard Boxes

Premium material is used to create printed cardboard boxes. You are free to select any style or size for your personalised cardboard boxes. High-end finishing and highly cost-effective add-ons are used to enhance the beauty of your product's cardboard packaging. Here is the finishing stock that we used in our packaging:

  • Gloss lamination
  • Matte lamination
  • Foiling
  • Full UV coating
  • Spot UV coating
  • Embossing

The smooth finishing is achieved by adding gloss and matte lamination. Spot UV helps you get protection from scratches and a bright shiny look. You can add your logo in vibrant colors, while the text might be embossed to get a unique look.

Where to Buy Cardboard Boxes?

Where to buy cardboard boxes? Many retailers are asking this question. OXO Packaging is a trustworthy packaging partner that goes above and beyond to help you in the best way. We never compromise on packaging quality. We provide services in Australia.

Your cardboard packaging needs to be distinct from the other product packaging on the shelves. You can get more and more customers by providing the products in a well-designed and attractive package. You can promote your company by adding your brand details.

Wholesale Cardboard Boxes at OXO Packaging

We believe that we are the best packaging manufacturer in Australia. Our team is an expert in designing boxes according to the aspirations of our clients. If you are a retailer, we guarantee your money is safe with us. Our wholesale cardboard boxes are of high quality, which prevents your product from spoiling or any damage. The boxes are available at wholesale prices.

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Free Design

If you are a startup and don’t have any idea of design. Then don’t worry about that. Contact us. Our professionals will provide you with free design support. We offer 100% satisfaction.

What are the Top 5 Protective Packaging Styles for Cardboard Boxes?

Here are the top five most secure packaging styles for cardboard:

  • Cardboard window boxes
  • Mailer style boxes
  • Custom Pillow boxes
  • Custom Die cut Window Boxes
  • Custom gable boxes

How Have Cardboard Boxes Introduced the Distinct Packaging Style of Various Products?

Cardboard packaging is more secure and safe packaging to prevent your product from being damaged. The cardboard boxes are fully recyclable. They maintain the freshness and aroma of food products for a long time.

Final Verdict

Cardboard boxes are 100 percent eco-friendly and biodegradable. We create boxes with elegant designs. Advanced technology and trends are used to manufacture product packaging in an efficient way. Modern techniques are used to avoid errors. You can explore our website for design ideas.

You can choose one or more from a variety of styles. Choose a shape and size that is more fit for your product. We use special add-ons to increase the quality of packaging. Our team of customer support is available 24 hours to help you.

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