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10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock


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Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing, Foiling

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Die Cutting, Gluing, Scored,Perforation

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Eco-Friendly, Recycled Boxes, Biodegradable


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A Plethora of Custom Printed Packaging Boxes

We make all types of Custom Printed Boxes for Packaging. When we talk about these boxes, then we are not talking about a specific box. Indeed, we are talking about an ocean of packaging. Every box is not a "printed box". They can be plain. But every printed box comes into the category of packaging boxes. Magnetic closure boxes, Hexagonal Boxes, two-piece boxes, pinched-lock boxes, clamshell boxes, Display Boxes, Pillow Boxes, auto-lock boxes, straight tuck-end boxes, reverse tuck-end boxes, dispenser boxes, chips' boxes, and shoulder boxes are all the different styles of printed boxes.

  • Famous Types of Printed Packaging Boxes
  • Paper-related packaging relies on paperboard materials. If you ask an expert, there are four major types of printed packaging boxes.
  • Kraft boxes, also known as Kraft printed boxes
  • Cardboard boxes, also known as cardboard printed boxes
  • Corrugated boxes, also known as corrugated printed boxes
  • Rigid boxes, also known as printed rigid boxes

There are four famous materials for making packaging boxes. Kraft Boxes are brown in colour, which is the colour of this material. Cardboard boxes have a white colour. Corrugated usually has a brown colour. But paper companies can also make it, possibly in white. Grey board is the basic material of rigid boxes. Packaging companies always paste printed paper over it. Hence, it does not matter what the colour of the grey board is. Though it has a greyish tone.

Indispensable for Printed Packaging

Design is the main architect of any printed packaging box. You can't have an appealing printed box unless you have a pleasing design. As printers only follow the design guidelines. Many people don’t invest much in design. They want their packaging boxes to be spectacular. Printers do their best. They print the boxes on the high-quality printing machines.

They only use the highest quality inks. They use the best printing plates. They use fine quality paper, cardboard, kraft, corrugated, and rigid materials. They take care of each and every printing process. But what happens? The result does not live up to expectations.

That is why we at OXO Packaging have deployed highly professional designers. We have hired a team of designers who can think differently. They can think outside the box. Many designers conceive a design theme according to the materials. However, our designers believe that the most cost-effective materials should be used to maximise profits.

When you contact us to make product packaging boxes, we start from the basics. We start thinking of making the sensational box from Kraft material. If we see any possibility to make kraft printed boxes with tremendous use of contrast colours, then we go for it.

Cardboard is ideal for printing all the colours. Hence, many of our clients prefer Cardboard Boxes. Because this is the material that is not brown. Its surface is not rough like Kraft. And it is not unrefined like corrugated material. It is highly slick. We at OXO Packaging print and produce a lot of cardboard boxes. We always handle this material with great care.

Because it is so smooth that if we scrape it even with a nail, it will leave a line of scratch on its surface. We always have to be aware of this before its lamination. Once cardboard boxes get laminated, they become scratch-proof. Soft-touch lamination makes them more gash-less.

Rigid boxes are the oldest form of printed boxes. This is the tradition of making packaging boxes when there were even no machines. Packaging companies used to make these boxes in handmade form. Till today, these boxes are handmade. We have seen the innovation and improvisation of machines.

But we know still a lot of their work is dependent on hands. This hand labour is not a drawback for rigid printed packaging boxes. It even makes them special. It adds value to these boxes. People know them by the name "Luxury rigid boxes". And they pay more for them.

  • Several Print Methodologies for Printed Boxes

We print these packaging boxes differently. Screen printing is still relevant in the printing world. We make a lot of screen-printed boxes in Australia. Scree printing is the refined form of block printing on cloth. We print it through a mesh. We fix this mesh into a wooden frame. The mesh is imprinted with the design.

A computer-generated positive film develops the design on the mesh. Then we use some special screen colours. These colours have the ability to dry up quickly. Some people think that screen colours have different sparkling capabilities than offset colours.

Offset printing machines are a big source for getting printed packaging boxes. The offset printing machine is a marvel of mankind. These machines have a separate colour tray. This tray is used to put printable ink into it. Ink rollers take the ink from this tray.

A number of ink rollers transfer the exact amount of ink to the plate cylinders. Printing plates have all the design images on them. Then there is another cylinder. This is a blanket cylinder, also known as impression cylinder. Paper or paperboard passes through plate and blanket cylinders. And it gets printed instantly. Paper-picker rollers bring the paper out of the cylinders.

These offset printing machines have enabled us to print packaging boxes in bulk. When there was the time to print packaging boxes from screen then it took days to print five thousand boxes. Now a single day's production of printed packaging boxes is more than twenty thousand boxes.

These twenty thousand boxes have a single colour printing on them. If it is a four-colour printed box, then we can print a minimum of eighty thousand packaging boxes in just four days. Indeed, this is a huge quantity compared to old methods of printing.

Offset printing machines have enabled us to ship the boxes in a very short time. Usually, eight to ten days is enough time to complete an order. We buy the paper board. Then clients finalise the designs. The next stage is plate making. Later, it goes to the printing press. After printing, the next stage is die-cutting.

Once the boxes get die-cut, they are glued. Usually, cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated boxes are glued from the opposite sides. Then they are packed in a collapsed form. We also call them unassembled printed packaging boxes. This is how you can assemble the boxes in their exact shapes at your location. Rigid boxes are shipped in fully assembled form due to their sturdiness.

  • Make Printed Packaging Boxes More Attractive Than Ever

Recent and traditional finishing practises make printed boxes more appealing. What are the finishing features? You can laminate your packaging boxes. Gloss lamination gives an illuminated shine to the colours on the boxes. Matte lamination gives a lusterless look to the printed colours of the boxes.

You can also use spot UV. This is a feature to give shine to a specific area, logo, image, or text. Spot UV only requires wise use. If we use it sensibly, it can bring an amazing appearance to the packaging boxes in printed form.

Foil printing is another feature to adorn the printed boxes more. Actually, it is a rather flimsy and flexible sheet. We adjust the hot foil stamp machine. Custom Boxes are placed under the metal die. Then we press it with the stamp machine. It cuts the desired text from the foil and pastes it on the boxes.

This is how we see the shiny printed text on the box. Nowadays, holographic foil is also available. Embossing and debossing are two more add-on options. Do you want the text or logo raised from the box surface? Emboss them. Do you want them to be engraved? Deboss!

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