5 Amazing Styles to Personalize Your Product Packaging Boxes

2024-06-05 06:25:22

Different Styles used in product packaging

Packaging with different designs or styles matters as it can make your brand unique. Prioritizing your product design and shape can help you customize packaging in a way that enhances the appeal of your products. 

Knowing about different packaging styles can uplift the branding game and give your customers a more memorable unboxing experience. If you want to take your packaging game to the next level, you need to think out of the box to create exquisite packaging.

Exploring the entire design theory and picking a design style that suits your brand can be exhausting. In this blog, we have made things easier for you by listing the 5 most-used packaging styles that can help your brand stand out from the competition – let’s dive in!

The Packaging Essentials

Never forget the 3ps– protection, preservation, and presentation of packaging to make your product stand out. Here are some tips that can help you customize different styles to put a smile on your customer's face and allow you to gain more consumer trust. Try these hints and create a united design that meets your product needs:

  • Focus on wordplay
  • Choose funky illustrations
  • Give a hint of your product 
  • Add surprises for your audience
  • Try geometric shapes to give an abstract view 
  • Apply flowed lines to give calm and softness
  • Create a nostalgic view with vintage styles

Using the above styling guide will help you make packaging great. Explore these handy ideas and be more creative with your imaginary brush on packaging boxes canvas. 

5 Styles to Personalize Your Packaging 

Now that you have an idea of the basics of personalizing packaging boxes, it’s time to move to the 5 amazing styles. Here is a brief overview of the packaging styles to find which one is the best suited for your amazing brand:

  1. Vintage 

Get yourself back to the 90s when people were more attentive to small details and were more rooted in their culture. So, for vintage styling packaging, you just need to focus on the font (calligraphy), sober and dull color combination, bold or heavy text, and hand-drawn images for creativity. 

You can use digital or offset printing to create an effect of a vintage vibe that resonates with the customers to evoke old-era memories. Brands usually use vintage or old-style packaging to create the element of nostalgia. For example, for your yarn product, you can create a touch of vintage scenery where a picture shows the importance of royal fabric.  

Vintage branding takes your customers to another time and helps you show that your brand is linked to the glory of the past. Screen printing or offset printing is quite suitable for vintage-style packaging to create crisp or sharp images on the packages. 

  1. Minimalistic

According to its name, everything is either its colors, lines, shapes, ink, limited material, etc. should be in minimum quantity. For example, neutral color, less ink, plain lines, and simple forms are the simplest and pure ways to call elegance.

Go with simplicity by choosing minimal clean lines and opting for muted shades to enhance your packaging styles with elegance. 

Choosing minimalistic designs is a great way to reduce environmental impact with less ink, material, and embellishment. 

Minimalism design for packaging can give your customers a soothing and relaxing texture for viewing. You can only choose any 2 color combinations to restore the softness of the package and not overstimulate the eyes. 

  1. Translucent

Create a narrative from the inside out with a translucent packaging design. Use a trapanet with different colors, or go with opaque packaging materials to give your brand a luxurious touch.  

Using different prints, and soft color combinations, creates an illusion impact on the eyes which gives a shadow of your product to grab consumers' attention. Seeing through packaging with a luxury feel can boost your brand image and identity to offer a quality product. This allows customers to have stylish frames with a spotlight to shine on the product inside. 

  1. Flat Graphics

Flat graphics are more similar to its name focusing on more usability to understand the packaging design. These packaging styles come with more clarity and reduce distraction. No need to highlight the extra image detail to convert them into 3D. Stay with simplicity and focus on the plain functionality and usability of the image that resonates with your product. 

Avoid shading the image to make a crisp image of familiarity with the object. For example, you can go with a solid color, concise test, and create a visual of that apparent product or brand logo. 

  1. Textured Designs

Accessible and highlight the points in your packaging that attract the customer's attention. Things to emboss the lines or pattern on the boxes that make rough or smooth surfaces that create a tactile experience for the customers. 

You can customize your packaging in any shape or size but add a flavor of embossed finish to give a luxury sense to the package.  Adding extra material, cut-out design, and thinking of embossing will create an amazing texture for your boxes and make them stand out on the shelves. You can add a gloss-to-matte touch to the embossed text which entices the customer to remember your brand. 

It evokes a customer for an emotional response to the product and generates a trust, warmth, or luxury sense.

Custom Packaging Box Styles

Get your custom packaging boxes in any style or shape that aligns with your product's needs. Once you understand your product requirements, select a box style to enhance your customer experience from the following options:  

  • Display Boxes: Choose this packaging style when you are looking to display your products on the store counters. Custom window display boxes showcase your product with a prominent view. 
  • Pillow Boxes: Hold your small items with high-protected and elegant boxes with distinct shapes to elevate your products’ presentation. 
  • Tuck Boxes: Pack your small items in lightweight and durable custom tuck boxes without tape or glue sealing. It provides a convenient opening or closing facility to store your product. 
  • Window Boxes: Give a quick look or glimpse inside the box with a transparent window to convince customers about product quality. These boxes always help to engage customers and ensure quality. 


Visuals and aesthetics attract the customer's attention and stimulate their eye to make an emotional response toward the product. Therefore, packaging with different styles that align with your product needs can make them stand out from the crowd. Add natural or original possibilities to create an innovative design for your product package to leave a lasting impression on the customer's mind.  

If you are looking for more packaging styles that can suit your needs, you can contact us for more information. Let’s hop on a call to discuss your precise needs and craft styles that are fit for your unique needs!