A Complete Guide To Biodegradable Noodle Boxes

2022-11-01 11:03:00

Guide To Biodegradable Noodle Boxes

Noodles are referred to as "instant food" and are liked by most people all over the world. Moreover, they are also a popular food in Australia. If you are a noodle seller and your noodles are very tasty but don’t have quality packaging, how will people be attracted to them? To attract customers, you need to have attractive Noodle Boxes.  

Why is Noodle Packaging Important?

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According to a survey, 90% of people base their buying decisions on Noodle Packaging. They buy products that are packed in eye-catching boxes. On the other hand, if your product is not packaged in luxury boxes, people will buy products from other brands. 

Your Product Packaging is your Identity

As we live in a world of high competition, it is challenging to stand out in the market. You need a proper marketing strategy for the branding of your product or brand. It can be expensive to hire a marketing team or run online advertisement campaigns. But don’t worry, there is a solution to every problem. 

And I have that solution for you. You can promote your brand without spending much money on branding. Just focus on your product packaging because it is a highly cost-effective advertising tool. It can create your brand identity across Australia and boost your sales. You can Personalised Noodle Boxes in many shapes and styles. 

What Makes Sturdy Food Boxes the Preferred Choice?

How does the material affect food packaging? Let me share my personal experience with you. My college friends insist that I bring them noodles. One day, I decided to cook noodles for them and take them along with me to college. But when I entered the class, my friends started laughing loudly. I assumed they'd be relieved to see me holding a lunch box. But they were still laughing. 

I asked my bestie what happened to them. Then she told me that my uniform was dirty. I saw my uniform. It was really dirty, but I started thinking about how it happened. Suddenly, I noticed a leak in my tiffin box. And I understood that my uniform was spoiled with noodle soup. 

My bestie told me about the OXO Packaging Noodle Boxes. And since then, it has been an amazing experience with this box. Therefore, I have decided to write about Noodle Boxes so that you don't have to face such an embarrassing experience. 

Kraft Stock as the Best Quality Material for Your Noodle Boxes 

Quality material is an important factor in designing noodle boxes. They are created with various types of materials such as cardboard, kraft, and corrugated. Let’s discuss these material options one by one. Most of the boxes are made of cardboard. It is a sturdy, durable, and cost-effective material.
It is of high quality, but it is not completely biodegradable. So, if you're looking for Biodegradable Packaging for Noodles, then it’s not suitable for them. You can use this packaging to store various types of products like cosmetics, gifts, apparel, and many others.

Kraft Stock

Kraft is another material that is used worldwide for product packaging. If you are linked to the food business, then Kraft Noodle Packaging is the best solution for your products. It is a great medium product to protect them.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Kraft Packaging offers protection from heat, moisture, and humidity. It also saves your food from weather conditions. It is made of natural fiber and usually comes in a brown colour. Its recyclable and biodegradable features make it environmentally friendly packaging. It creates High-quality Noodle Boxes to keep them fresh for a long time and maintain their taste. 

Cost Effective

Every business desires to have the maximum by spending the least amount. Similarly, product manufacturing businesses want quality packaging at a low cost. Kraft packaging is high-quality and cost-effective packaging material that protects your products from damage and increases their shelf life.

Noodle Boxes with Printed Logo

Kraft paper is used for school projects, wrapping food, and giving gifts. It has become a more common fixture in the packaging industry. Many businesses are now seeing the benefits of using kraft paper for packaging. It's a thick brown paper that's also very sturdy. 

Kraft paper is simple to print on. Kraft Boxes are made from recyclable materials and printed with soy-based inks to save food from chemicals. It maintains a classic and presentable appearance. 

As previously stated, kraft is naturally brown in colour, but with the help of cutting-edge technology and high-tech printing methods, you can have the printing colour choice on the boxes. You can customise noodle boxes with printed logos, company names, and other product-related information.

Two Types of Printing are Used for Kraft Packaging

Offset Printing

A printing press, liquid ink, and printing plates are used in offset printing. Offset printing does produce the best results on the widest range of stocks. Additionally, It offers the most control over colour. Offset printing is used for a variety of items such as posters, stationary, books, magazines and various others. 

Digital printing

For businesses, digital printing offers a variety of benefits. It provides many colour options. It provides a high-quality finish and a quick turnaround. Nowadays, digital printing is becoming more and more common. It does not require plates because it is a line-by-line print. This is ideal for realistic photo printing with many colours.

They're very useful if you require

  • Full-colour printing noodle boxes
  • Your print will be processed quickly.
  • a small-scale printing project
  • Picture printing

Above I have discussed both printing methods. The quality of digital printing is almost the same as that of offset printing. The only distinction is that offset printing can produce large quantities of paper, while digital printing is only used for small quantities.


We are all aware that there are climate problems on our planet. This has created difficulties for both humans and wild animals to survive. Because of this, everyone is trying to protect the planet. The first step towards this is to stop using plastic. Because plastic emits toxic chemicals during the recycling process. A minimum number of plastic boxes are visible around you. 

People started using kraft packaging in all their daily routines, especially in Food Packaging, to make their environment eco-friendly. OXO Packaging plays its role in making the environment better by using eco-friendly material for all kinds of packaging boxes. Sustainable packaging is great for food items. So, we use sustainable materials to create your Noodle Boxes. Contact us now for a free quote and let’s get started.

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