8 Extraordinary Gift Box Ideas That Will Wow in 2023

2022-10-26 12:04:11

Extraordinary Gift Box Ideas

Buying a gift is not an easy job. It can be time-consuming if you are not familiar with the likes and dislikes of the recipient. Most of the time, it is confusing because the gift is beautiful, but the gift boxes are not attractive. Because it’s human nature that we are attracted to the outer beauty of products.

And that’s why Most buyers make their buying decisions because of product packaging. And it suggests product packaging is as important as the product itself. In this blog, I will discuss some amazing Gift Packaging Ideas for your products.

Trendy Gift Packaging Ideas

Gift Box Ideas

Why is it important to follow the latest gift packaging trends? Keeping up to date with trends is important to help you build credibility and value and show you the position of your company in the future. This can help you discover more innovative and effective ways to develop a strategy for your company's expansion. Here are some unique packaging ideas for your gifts.

Elegant Styles for Gift Packaging

Styling is the most important factor in packaging, especially in gift packaging. It enhances the beauty of gifts and makes them more appealing. 

How Many Different Styles Can Gift Boxes Have?

  • Here are a few styles you can go with.
  • Ribbon Notch Box
  • Thumb Notch Box
  • Shoulder and tray box
  • Gift Boxes With Hang Tags
  • Window Gift Boxes
  • Gable Boxes
  • Pillow Gift Packaging Boxes

Have a look at the details,

1) Ribbon Notch Box

Ribbon-notch gift boxes are uniquely designed to pack various types of gifts. The basic feature of these boxes is ribbon. They can easily be slid out with ribbon pulls to give your customers a more attractive opening experience.

2) Thumb Notch Box

This is another unique style for gift boxes. This box has a notch cut that helps open the box. You can open the box without any extra effort.

3) Lid and tray Box

A lid and tray box is an example of a rigid box. It gives complete closure and provides extra protection for your gifts.

4) Shoulder and Neck Tray Box

A shoulder and neck tray box is also known as a 2-piece box with a separate lid and base. A tray is glued inside the box's base. These boxes add style by exposing the extra portion when the package is closed. These boxes are mostly used to pack watches and jewellery items.

5) Gift Boxes With Hang Tags

Gift Boxes with hang tags are liked by most customers. These boxes contain tags, which are a way to enhance the beauty of your packaging. Hang Tags provide information such as the gift sender's name, product manufacturer, product expiry date, ingredients, and how to use the product.

6) Window Gift Boxes

Window Gift Boxes are uniquely designed boxes. These packaging boxes have a window that allows a customer to see the product inside. The window cuts are made on the boxes with the latest die-cut machinery.

7) Gable Boxes

The gable box has a unique barn-like shape. It is a one-piece box with handles on top. By using these handles, it is easy to carry the products. 

8) Pillow Gift Boxes

The Pillow Gift Box is more attractive than any other gift box due to its appealing design. Whatever gift you buy, whether it's a cheap or expensive one, pillow boxes make them feel special. You can customise these boxes according to your product requirements. These Boxes Can be Created in Various Sizes. 

High-Quality Material

The majority of gift sellers are concerned about the secure delivery of their goods. They don't want to take risks with their product packaging because they are spending more money on the production of gifts. They want to pack their products in high-quality boxes. By watching this issue closely, I have come up with a variety of high-quality materials that they can choose from.

  • Cardboard gift packaging
  • Kraft Gift Packaging Boxes
  • Rigid Gift Boxes

Cardboard is a sturdy, durable, and cost-effective material. Its plain surface makes printing simple. It is best for both lightweight and heavy products. Kraft Packaging is known as an eco-friendly material. It is 100% recyclable and bio-degradable. It is known for its strength and is best for heavy gifts.

It maintains the freshness and aroma of food items for a long time. Rigid is famous for its premium packaging. It is a little expensive but is the best material for luxury gifts. It is highly secure and prevents your products from being damaged. Your recipients receive gifts in the same condition as they were manufactured.

Personalise Your Custom Gift Boxes 

Custom small gift boxes are not only for packing gifts; they are also a way to promote your brand. You can print your brand logo, brand name, and other important information about your brand on these boxes. When you customise your gift boxes, you have the liberty to go with any shape or design that you prefer. 

High-End Decoration

If your gift packaging is not properly decorated, then it will not be as effective. Your packaging decoration must be eye-catching and more appealing to the customers' eyes. Your gift boxes must be attractive enough that the customers will push themselves to pick up your gifts.

Here are some decoration ideas to make your product aesthetically appealing.

  • Ribbons
  • Add-ons
  • Lamination
  • Colourful printing

Your product's appeal and value can both be increased by using these decoration options.


It is so exciting to write about custom gift boxes that one doesn’t want to stop writing about them. But it’s late at night and I have to sleep now. I've mentioned some of the most popular gift box ideas in this article. But as you know, new inventions are made every day, so, in the future, there could be more innovative ideas for designing gift boxes.

However, OXO Packaging offers you elegant packaging that will catch customers' attention and boost sales. Contact us right now and place your order. We offer fast delivery and free shipping.

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