Wondering How to Design Candle Labels in Australia?

2022-08-31 12:05:42

Candle Labels in Australia

Every time a customer or anybody else sees the label, it accomplishes a significant amount of marketing work for you. A Candle Label Australia is essential to fancy your business card affixed on a candle. It speaks volumes about you and the quality of the product. Customers will not only learn more about the candle. 

They'll also find out who made it. Make certain that your NAME or LOGO is clearly visible on your Personalised Labels. This is the image your clients will see every time they visit your website. It's there when people buy your candle. It'll be there when they select a beautiful position for it at home, catching a look every time they walk by. It's there while they burn it and rest.

Candle Labels Make Reordering Super Easy

A high-quality item will always sell quickly. Customers that are pleased with the product will want to purchase it again and again. Some people may even want to buy backups. Alternatively, try alternative perfumes from the same line. Make it simple for them to contact you and reorder. On the Candle Labels, include your webpage, email, contact details, or selling point. As your sales increase, delighted consumers will become devoted customers.

Doesn't it Sound Good?

  • Lets not Forget Adding the Warnings

Candles are a reflection of light and an excellent way to establish a mood. However, they are also seen as a possible health and safety hazard. An open flame is always a cause for anxiety. In this regard, it is usually advisable to follow industry standards and comply with Candle Labelling laws.

This demonstrates that you are a trustworthy organisation that cares about people's safety and experience. And it's the best method to keep your market image intact. 

To put it another way, all of your candles ought to include a warning or cautionary label. There are also instructions on how to properly burn the candle. Without a doubt, this will keep you legally secure. It also ensures that you go above and above to provide a pleasant and secure experience for your customers. 

You don't have to be concerned with your product's appearance or design. Typically, warning markings are placed beneath the candle or on a separate tag. As a result, they provide all necessary details to make consumers more aware. It is entirely up to you how you wish to present them, as far as you do so.

  • Ideas to Design Candle Labels Australia

There are numerous varieties of candles available on the market (e.g. votive candles, long candles, tealights, etc.). This implies that each type of candle requires a unique type of packaging and labelling. So, depending on the candles you sell, you'll need to create multiple label designs. However, they must be consistent and complement the design of your complete range.

  • Candle Labels for Jars

In Australia, jar candles are the most popular. Customers benefit from the fact that they are secure while the fire is burning. There's also no molten wax around them. They are spotless. As a maker, you benefit from having extra space to affix the label. 

A huge jar, for example, is like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with your artwork. This allows you to utilise the area in a variety of ways. Images for printing are supplied. Furthermore, your label can be large and bold, with wide and clear lettering that stands out from the crowd. Of course, choosing a larger Candle Label allows you to include more information on it.

  • Candle Labels for Votive Candles

If you're offering your votive candles open, each one will have a label directly affixed to the candle body. It is critical in this situation that the label material is of good quality and adheres perfectly to the candle. It must have a good hold and not fall off after a short period of time. Also, be certain that it is waterproof and thermoresistant.

Alternatively, if you place your organic beeswax candles in Kraft Boxes, you'll need to apply a creative label on the box. And adding some excellent ornamental touches takes it to the next level.

  • Candle Labels for Tall Candles

Tall pillar candles are ideal for a formal meal, a special event, or a relaxing evening at home. You might be wondering how to make them stand out. As simple as votive candles. Put a tempting but heat-resistant label on them. They are already far more refined. Don't you agree?

Notifying your customers that you can create Customised Labels is a great method to win their hearts. Surprise them with one-of-a-kind and beautiful Candle Labels for their marriage or birthday.

  • Adding Variety to your Candle Labels

Candle Labels in Australia come in a huge variety and types. White labels are made using white film. On top of the white ink, any colour can be printed. Clear Labels are printed on a transparent backing film and are ideal for any style of candle container. They create the illusion of an "invisible label" and are ideal for particular design candles in clear jars. 

Metallic labels, last but not least, are printed on a silver substrate. All printed hues become metallic. Luxurious effect with guaranteed aesthetic impact. After selecting the label material, you can conveniently select the label style and design whether you want them in circle, oval, square, rectangle or even any other custom shape, you can get all of them designed very conveniently with us !!

Start your Packaging Journey with Us

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